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World Cup Pax Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and play cards.

World Cup Pax Walkthrough

World Cup Pax is one of the most unique card games online if which you are playing to win points for your team. You begin by selecting your country. From there, you have to play smart cards to try to win. Every time you win a match, you gain three rating points for your country, but even if you lose, you still get one rating point. The fact that you get something for your team whether you win or lose makes you want to play the game longer and makes you want to work harder to try to win. In this game, however, winning isn't always easy. To really have a shot, you need to understand how the game is played and what the information on the card means. It can be a bit difficult since this game is so different from the other card games online, but it's worth the effort to learn how the game is played. This game is a lot of fun once you understand what you're doing.

Every card in World Cup Pax is full of information which is really what makes this game so much different from other strategy card games. First, you'll see a team flag at the center representing a country team. The color of the group represents its family. The number at the top of the card represents the team's rating points. The stronger the team the stronger the team's cards. Each card also features an information button (next to the card's rating points), which gives you access to more information about the card. When you first start playing, you'll probably be looking at this information a lot, but as you get going and get a better understanding of the game, you'll use it less and less.

Beyond the information about the card itself, you will also see several indicators above your cards as you play World Cup Pax. 'Bringalong' is an indicator you'll see quite often. This indicator will appear above two cards and signifies the two cards are from the same family. When you see 'Pax' above your cards, you can choose it to make 'Pax' with your opponent. A crown symbol over a card means that card is strong enough to win the match. To win, you need to gain as many cards and points as you can. When you win, you get your opponent's cards and all of the Rating Points shown on that card. On the right side of your game screen you will see an indicator bar that will show you how you are progressing in the game. The soccer ball on your indicator bar will move up as you get closer to completing the round. It will move down if you are losing.

The rules of World Cup Pax are actually fairly simple once you understand what they are. Basically, you start the game with six cards in your hand. If you won the last round, you begin the round by placing one card on the table. If you lost, your opponent will place the first card. If you placed the stronger card, you win both of the cards on the table. If your opponent placed the stronger card, they win both cards. Sometimes, you and your opponent will both place cards from the same family or that have the same value. When this happens, you will 'Pax'. Each player will have three random cards taken from the top of the pile. Those cards will be placed face down on the table. Each player will then lay a fourth card. If the families or value of the cards is the same again, you will start the 'Pax' round again. If the cards are not equal, however, the fourth card will determine who won all of the cards currently placed on the table.

'Bringalong' cards can be quite handy in World Cup Pax. If you opponent has laid a card that is stronger than the card you laid, if you have a 'bringalong' card, you can lay that which will add the value of the second card to the value of the first. This is a great way to build a higher score and increase your chances of winning, but remember, your opponant can do the same thing. If your opponent lays their own bringalong card and you have a third bringalong card, you can lay that one as well.

Overall, World Cup Pax is an excellent online card game that will challenge you to think carefully about your moves and try to figure out what cards your opponent is holding. it's a great game that will keep you playing round after round as you try to get as many points for your team as you possibly can. As you play, you'll learn better strategies to improve your game and will find yourself winning more often. Remember, the bringalong cards are your best moves. If you can get your opponent into 'Pax' while you have a few bringalong cards in your hand, you'll be able to beat your opponent almost every time.