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Tripeaks Solitaire Instructions

To play a game of online and flash Tripeaks Solitaire, you don't need a fancy set of hardware. Just your mouse, and that is MORE than enough. Click to move cards to the waste pile, draw cards from the stock pile, rinse and repeat. Now let's get to the harder part of the game - the rules and its flow.

Tripeaks Solitaire Walkthrough

YES, fellas, there is a game called Tripeaks Solitaire and it's just as interesting and addictive as your regular Solitaire. How addictive? Well, just in case you don't know, one of the primary reasons why employees are fired from a company is because they are caught playing solitaire and other card games and variations instead of doing something productive. Moving forward, this game is played with a single pack of 52 playing cards. These cards are dealt in a way that forms a tableau composed of 3 overlapping peaks. After that, a single card is dealt face up from the remaining stock and this will start a waste pile... and this is built on during the game.

The Objective Of The Game: Move all of the cards to the waste pile by playing the cards in a high low sequence. Don't get it? OK here's an example, you can play a 3 or an Ace on a 2. I think looking at some step by step instructions is in order. BUT before we do so, again let me warn you: this can be a very addicting game. Once you start playing Tripeaks Solitaire, you may find it very hard to stop. Onto the instructions...

(1) The cards, as I have mentioned, are arranged flat on the table and in a pyramid formation having 3 peaks and 2 rows of cards. (2) You, then, turn the first card up on the waste pile and remove the cards from the pyramid. You can use either a card with a higher or lower rank. (3) Should you reach a point where you cannot move any cards from the table, a card has to be turned over from the deck. First card moved to the waste pile bags you a point. The second card is worth 2 points, the third is worth 3 points, and this goes on and on. The first peak removed is worth 15 points. The same amount of points apply to the second peak and the last, or third, one is worth 30 points. The game is over when you clear the board or if you run out of cards from your deck.

Some Tips And Warnings: (1) The cards can be placed either facing up or down in the pyramid layout. HOWEVER, the bottom row, the tableau, is facing up. (2) The more cards you move in a sequence, the MORE points you will earn. Move as many cards as possible before you break the sequence. (3) If the sequence is broken, you will lose 5 points and the next card will only be worth 1 point.

Ok, I think that's about everything you need to know about Tripeaks Solitaire. True, for the uninitiated, this may seem hard to pick up... especially if the only card game you have played is solitaire (whose rules are much easier to understand). It may take a little while for you to get a hang of it. BUT once you do, trust me, you don't ever want to stop. So what are you waiting for? Why read when you can lay your hands on the wonderful card game called Tripeaks Solitaire? Have fun!