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Part of the fun with card games, may it be poker, turn-based and tactical, solitaire, or whatever variant, is that they are very easy to play. No complicated controls that will twist and cramp your finger. All you need to have is a good and working mouse and you are good to go. HOWEVER, what card games may lack in controls (admit it, we have been used to button-bashing games), it more than made up for its complex game play that requires A LOT of thought, vision, and luck. Let's take a closer look at Tower Solitaire...

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So you think the usual solitaire is fun and addictive? Yeah? Well, it's NOT just you. A lot (and I mean a lot) are still hooked up by the good and old Solitaire game that we all find in any Windows operating system. It's addictive... so addictive that it has been one of the top reasons why employees get fired! Anyway, we are not going into some unemployment stats caused by playing solitaire. Rather, we'll take a closer look at something that is MUCH more fun!

Tower Solitaire! In this online version of tower solitaire, you need to take down that medieval tower of cards by removing all of them... putting them one by one to the waste pile. Once you eliminate all of the cards on the tower and the stock pile, placing them all on the waste pile, you win the round and you get to move on to the next level. Well, the game is fairly simple. HOWEVER, this requires you to delicately combine strategy and planning, especially how to use the wild cards (we will take a closer look at them later), to get the highest score possible and win. Oh! And let's not forget, as with any card game, you need good doses of luck to win this.

I mean think about it, if the placement of the cards just can't be won, then you can't. There's no way around it. HOWEVER, that's not to say that you should just rely on luck alone. Make the most out of the deck in front of you. Luck and miracles favor those who are persistent fellas.

So what are the mechanics of the game? How do you move a card from the deck to the waste pile? It's simple: if a card on the tower is one higher or lower than the faced-up card on the waste pile, then you can place it on. The suits of the cards don't really matter. Just some reminders about special cards - the Ace can be both high and low in this game. While other variants of online card games and solitaire render Ace as a low card only, you can place it either on the King or 2 in this game. Alternatively, you can place a King or 2 of any suit on it.

Next, we have the Wild Cards. Called Jokers in some card games, Wild Cards can be used as long as there is no card on top of them. They assume any value that you want them to. You can place them on any card and any card can be placed on them. There are only 4 Wild Cards in the deck so you better use them wisely. When used right, they will extend your card run, which, in turn, will GREATLY boost your scores.

Here's an example: let's say there a Jack, 9, 10, Queen, King, Ace, and a Wild Card available at the tower. On your waste pile, you have a 2 of spades. A good way to use the Wild card is to place the Ace on the 2, then the Wild Card, followed by King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9 respectively. I know that example is way too easy BUT I hope you get the drift there.

Summing things up, Tower Solitaire is NOT really meant for serious gaming. I mean, it's just a card game albeit an addictive one. Just play it when you have ample time at your hands and you don't have anything else important to do. Just don't play it at the office! You sure don't want to be fired because of a medieval-themed solitaire card game do you?

Anyway, it's a good game. The theme, the design, the sound effects - they definitely help ward off the slow-paced and dragging feel that has been associated with card games by those who don't play it. Oh! And by the way, you can select the option for in-game hints and instructions in case you are a newcomer to the game.