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Top Ace Instructions

Use the mouse and left mouse button to select and move cards.

Top Ace Walkthrough

Top Ace is a unique and fun solitaire card game that entertains you with great graphics and a truly challenging game. This game probably isn't like any card game you've ever played before, and that's really what makes it so appealing. The object of the game is simple - get all four Aces to the top of the four columns before time runs out. That goal isn't as easy to achieve as it sounds.

When Top Ace begins, you have four columns in the center of your game screen and a deck of 48 cards at the lower right side of your screen. On the lower left side of the screen you have your tennis bag. You can use this bag to store up to four cards that are getting in your way of achieving your goal. Each column is headed by a card. The goal is to get rid of the four cards at the head of those columns and replace them with Aces. At the top left of your screen you will see your player icon in a circle with a little clock beside his head. You need to get those aces into the heads of those columns before the time on that clock runs out. Make moves by clicking on any of the four cards that has a lower value than any of the other cards of that same suit on your game screen. For example, if you start the game with a Queen of Clubs, a 2 of diamonds, a 3 of hearts and a 10 of clubs, you can click on the 10 of clubs to clear it from the screen. If you've no other moves, click on the deck at the bottom of your screen and deal four more cards. When you get an Ace, you need to clear all of the cards out of a column and make sure the Ace is at the very top. This is where the tennis bag comes in handy.

Although using the tennis bag in the very beginning of Top Ace is tempting, it is a much better idea to wait until later in the game. You want to be sure you have as many of those slots available as possible for when you really need them. The only problem with the game is that it's far too short. You only have three levels to play through although it's a lot of fun to keep playing to try to beat your high score. Overall, this card game is one of the best online because it isn't like all of the other solitaire games out there. The game isn't terribly complicated like many of the other card games online so it shouldn't be too frustrating to be fun. You'll have fun playing the game and fun trying to beat your high score.