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Thor Rabbit Poker Instructions

Select and play cards using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Thor Rabbit Poker Walkthrough

Thor Rabbit Poker is an online card game unlike most other card games or poker games online. The graphics are fun and unique and the rules of the game are quite different so you will need to play the game for a while to get used to how it's played. That isn't really a disadvantage, though, as this game is a lot of fun and unusually addictive. Practice has never been more fun.

Twenty-four cards are given out at the beginning of Thor Rabbit Poker with each player receiving the same number of cards. The game is played in five rounds. At the beginning of each round you will draw give 'community cards'. You can then discard up to three cards from your hand and place them in the 'holding deck'. If you have the best combination of cards, you win that round. Keep in mind, at least one of the cards in your combination has to have been taken from your holding deck. If the combination you have is the same as the combination another player has, the player with the most highly valued card from the holding deck will with the round. If you don't use the cards from your holding deck in your combination, the cards in your holding deck will be added to your hand at the completion of the round. Once all five rounds are complete, the winner is decided based on who won the most hands. If there is more than one winner, the pot will be shared between all of the winners. The game will not always reach the fifth round though. If all of the players in the game, use all of their cards before the fifth round, the game will end. A sudden death round will occur if there is only one player left with cards before the fifth round is complete. In sudden death, the player will have to make a combination with all of his or her cards. They will also be able to use cards from the board and three cards from the deck. Once this round is complete, the game will end.

Betting in Thor Rabbit Poker is also a bit different than betting in other online poker games. You have to place a chip in the pot for every card in your hand. You will also have to throw in extra chips of you send more than one card to the holding deck. One card won't cost any chips while two cards will cost two chips and three cards will cost four chips. All of the money in the pot goes to the winner at the end of the five rounds or is divided among the winners. If you win three out of five games, the money in the pot is doubled with the extra money being taken from the other players. If you win four out of five rounds, the pot is quadrupled. Get a grand slam (win all five rounds) and the prize you get is six times the amount that was in the pot.

Thor Rabbit Poker allows you to choose how many card games you want to play in a match. While each game as five rounds, you can choose whether you want to play a two game match, a five game match, a ten game match or a twenty game match. On the main menu, right below 'Play More Games?', you'll see a drop down menu with '5 Game Match' as the automatic default. If you'd prefer a shorter game, click the arrow and choose '2 Game Match'. If you want a longer game, choose '10 Game Match' or '20 Game Match' then click 'Start Tournament'.

Overall, Thor Rabbit Poker is an excellent card game but it will take a little getting used to. Since it is so different from other online poker games and card games, it can take a few rounds for you to really get the hang of what you're doing. It's well worth playing though. It's a lot of fun and it will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end.