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Stop the Bus Instructions

Stop the Bus is controlled by using the mouse. Draw and discard cards by clicking on them.

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Stop the Bus is a popular card game from merry-old-England. Now it can be played on the Web and enjoyed by players from all over the globe! This Flash version of Stop the Bus features simple controls, vibrant graphics, and snazzy background music.

Stop the Bus is played against four computer-controlled players. There are three difficulty levels: Casual, Regular, and Expert. If you are new to this card game, I advise you to play on the Casual level of difficulty to get used to the game's rules.

The first round of Stop the Bus serves as a tutorial. To sum things up, players take turns drawing and discarding cards. Players may draw from the face-down deck or the face-up waste deck. After drawing a card, one card must be discarded from the hand (it is possible to discard the card that was drawn). The goal of the game is to score as close to thirty-one as possible (more about scoring in the next paragraph). After all players have taken a turn, players will be able to stop the bus. Once a player has called to stop the bus, all of the other players will have one more turn to discard and draw cards. Once these turns have been taken, players will show their hands. The player with a score farthest from thirty-one loses one bus token. If a player loses all of their bus tokens, then they are eliminated from the game. The last player remaining with tokens wins the game.

Scoring in Stop the Bus is similar to scoring in blackjack. Number cards are valued based on their numbers. Royal cards (also known as face cards, jacks, queens, and kings) are valued at ten points. Aces are valued at eleven points, and unlike in blackjack, cannot be counted as having a value of one. Only cards of the same suit are counted when trying to reach thirty-one, but three-of-a-kinds are valued at thirty points. Three-of-a-kinds must consist of cards with the same faces, not just the same value (for example, three kings would count as a three-of-a-kind, but a king, jack, and ten would not, despite the fact that they all have values of ten points).

Stop the Bus is an absolutely splendid card game from our friends across the pond. Have yourself a spot of tea and have fun playing this outstanding card game!