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Card games - when it comes to controls, they are one of the easier genres to handle. After all, you almost don't need your keyboard. All you need to have is your mouse. If it's good and working, you are ready to go. In Speed Card, you will be clicking all throughout the game: a couple of clicks to get the game started, click to place your cards in the center fields, rinse and repeat. That's just about it. With the controls taken care of, let's get on with the game.

Speed Card Walkthrough

They are slow, they rely on luck, and they need a lot of thinking and strategy - this is how most people look at card games. And if you are one of them, then perhaps you haven't played Speed Card yet! This is probably one of the fastest (if not the fastest) card games you will ever lay your hands on. The objective of the game is very simple: you need to try and get rid of all of your cards before the computer does. How do you do it? You do so by placing your cards on one of the 2 middle piles. The value of your card should be in sequence (less than or more than) with the card you will drop it on. All of these are done with just your mouse... so you better practice those clicking skills if you want to win in this game. The faster you play, the MORE points you will earn.

Dealing Of Cards: The rules of this online and flash based version of Speed Card is the same with the rules of its real life counter part. You are given 5 cards to form a hand an each player is dealt with 15 cards that are facing down. These cards will serve as your draw pile. Jokers in this game, by the way, can be used as wild cards. A wild card can take up any value. Two stacks of five cards facing down and placed on each side between the players serve as a replacement file. Then, two cards are placed down in the center between the replacement files. This is where you will place your cards.

Playing The Game: Each round in Speed Card game begins when you flip one of the cards that are facing down from their own pile by using the cards from your hands. The card you click on will be automatically placed in the game... it will either go to the card that comes before or after or it will just go back to its place and you should try again. Since this is an online card game, there's no need to flip manually the cards if it ends in a stalemate... if neither side can make progress, the computer will clear the central part and it's time to start over again. If both you and the computer ran out of cards or cannot make progress (and the draw pile is depleted), then it's a draw. The first player to get rid of all of his cards wins the game.

I used to love this speedy card game, HOWEVER, the more I played it, the MORE frustrating it gets. I don't know if it's just me or the computer really starts to move fast... so fast that no human can compete with it. At first, it will go at a slow speed. As you win more games, though, the computer places the cards so fast that the cards are moving automatically. And at this point, there is no challenge. You will just lose. I'm not too sure about other gamers out there... if they can reach the clicking speed where their finger's bones and joints will rupture. Bottom line, it's impossible to win in the latter levels.

Aside from that, HOWEVER, I think Speed Card is a PRETTY fun game to play. If you are quite tired of the usual slow paced and strategy and psychology oriented poker, give this is a shot for a refreshing change.