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Spectromancer: League of Heroes Instructions

If you have played card games before, turn-based and tactical battle card games to be exact, then the controls of Spectromancer: League of Heroes should be a piece of cake for you. After all, you don't even need to use your keyboard (except maybe for typing in your character's name). Just use your mouse to play, interact with the interface, summon creatures, cast spells, and everything else in between. With that taken care of, let's move on to the game. Man, you have a LOT to learn!

Spectromancer: League of Heroes Walkthrough

So you think card games are boring? Poker, solitaire along with its different variants, etc. - while these are fun to play, they are anything BUT exciting, right? WRONG! Most likely, you haven't laid your hands on turn-based and tactical battle card games. If that's the case, then welcome to the world of Spectromancer: League Of Heroes!

Spectromancer: League Of Heroes is an excellent combination of the best elements that computer games and collection card games have. Two players go up against each other in this game... one on one. While the flow of the game is quite easy to learn, mastering it, on the other hand, is a different story. It takes some time, and perhaps, it will take a lot of losses before you learn how to make a fight for it and come out victorious.

Release as the very first expansion pack of Spectromancer, this turn-based tactical card game has many of the features and elements of the original game that people came to love and crave... PLUS a whole lot more as we will see. The objective of the game pretty much stays the same: you and your opponent will enter the battle with 60 life points. Using your not-so-ordinary cards (which either have the power to cast spells or summon beings out of nowhere), you will fight until only one is standing. Whoever loses all of his 60 lives loses, and the one who remains wins.

Simple and straightforward, isn't it? HOWEVER, getting there is not as easy. You see, each mage or class (and there are 8 to be exact) has their own special abilities and affinities. Aside from having control of the 4 basic elements, earth, water, wind, and fire, a mage also has power over an element which depends on his specialty.

Back in the first and original Spectromancer card game, there are only 5 mages to choose from: (1) The Cleric who uses divine intervention and holy power to win battles. (2) The Mechanician that has an army of machines and other mechanical beings to do his bidding. (3) The death-inflicting and soul-eating Necromancer. (4) The ever-destructive Chaos Master. (5) And last BUT not the least, the Illusionist who loves disposing his opponents using confusion and, as the name suggests, illusions.

These classes and mages are still in Spectromancer: League Of Heroes. HOWEVER, three classes have decided to join the party! We have the Demon, and as you can tell, this guy is REALLY good at summoning creatures from the underworld. Then there's the Beastmaster who has the power to control animals and beasts of all shapes and sizes to get his job done. And finally, we have the sorcerer. Unlike the other classes, the Sorcerer doesn't summon any creatures that are special only to him. But don't underestimate him. His spells are some of the most powerful around... capable of inflicting massive damage and beefing up the combat abilities if his, otherwise, ordinary summoned creatures.

Let's have a closer look at some of the new skills and creatures that Spectromancer: League Of Heroes have which the original game didn't:

Demon Mage: Lemure, this is one of his basic and unique summoned beings. When this demon dies, he is replaced by a weaker, yet still potent, scrambled version of himself. The Demon Mage also Power Chains that doesn't only deal damage BUT also reduces the power of the enemy. The Explosion spell, on the other hand, is really EXPLOSIVE. It deals 28 damage to the creature on the opposing slot.

Beastmaster Mage: The summons of this guy ranges from small and cuddly to massive and fierce! From the hamster, to the berserker wolverine, to the stomping White Elephant, the Beastmaster has control over them. Not to mention his creature Energy Beast beefs up his other elemental powers and stats.

Sorcerer: This guy, as I have mentioned, has a lot of spells in his bag. So you want to heal up? His healing spray gets the job done. Want to set your opponents on fire and deal damage to multiple enemies? His Fireball is the spell to use. And if you want deal damage and gain more sorcery power, his Steal Essence spell makes short work of it. Definitely, this guy can't be underestimated!

All in all, this is a card game worth playing...moreover if you have played Spectromancer before. Along with the new area and features, this is one of those card games that promises a new adventure each time you start it!