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Spectromancer Instructions

Card games have never been known for their complicated or finger-twisting controls. In Spectromancer card game, all you need to use is your mouse - for summoning creatures, casting spells, interacting with the interface, and everything else in between. Well, there are instances where you need to use your keyboard. User discretion is advised.

Spectromancer Walkthrough

When we talk about card games, images of an employee playing solitaire on this work station while his boss is away; or men in neck ties and suits playing poker while puffing their cigarettes (with the cash and bets scattered on the table) immediately come to mind.

Card games, as we think we know, are strategic and slow-paced games involving a lot of luck and even psychology. They are not meant for fast-paced game play or explosive effects, right? Perhaps you haven't played Spectromancer yet!

A turn-based battle game, the game play should be familiar to you if you have played the likes of Magic The Gathering (which has an online and REAL life version) or Yu-Gi-Oh. As usual, you need to use your cards, magical cards to be precise, in Spectromancer to duke it out with the player across the table. You can be up against a computer or you can play with friends - just take your pick. Your magical cards are beefed up with different abilities and spells: some have the power to unleash creatures you don't see every day, while the others are meant for casting magical spells that will either decimate the ranks of your enemy's army or beef up the combat capability of your men.

There are 5 mages or classes to choose from (we will delve deeper into that later), and each of these mages have their own unique abilities and control over elements. There are 5 elements that a mage controls: (1) Fire (2) Water (3) Air (4) Earth (5) and the last one depends on the mage's affinity.

Let's take a closer look at the 5 different mages in this turn-based battle card game: (1) First off, we have the cleric, or priest as some of you came to know, who uses Holy Power to banish and destroy the evil forces who oppose him. (2) Next, we have the Mechanician who uses mechanical wonders and machines to efficiently demolish enemies. (3) The Necromancer, on the other hand, has a knack for inflicting death and taking the soul away even from the toughest of creatures. (4) The Chaosmaster, as the name suggests, is an adept user of chaos and havoc to gain what his heart desires. (5) And last BUT not the least, we have the Illusionist who creates illusion and confusion.

While there are summons and creatures that are unique to the mage's affinity or class, there are other beings that everyone can bring to the table... those creatures who are affiliated with the basic elements of fire, water, air, and earth.

Some Notes About The Creatures: Each creature you summon comes with 2 stats: Attack Strength and Life Number. The attack strength of the creature doing the offensive deals damage to the life number of the target. Once the life number of a creature goes down to zero, the creature dies. By the way, for each player, there are only 6 slots that can hold summoned beings. If these slots are filled, you cannot summon another monster until a slot is vacated.

You will start off the game with 60 life points, and the same goes for your opponent whoever he or she is. The objective of every duel is to destroy the enemy and reduce his life points to nil... BUT you better hurry and be efficient at doing it. Your enemy is out to do the same!

Well, there is much to learn about Spectromancer... so much that a single paged walkthrough just won't cut it. You have to learn by playing. It's the same thing with Poker and other card games, you can't be an expert just by reading!

Timing, which spells to use to counter what, how to beef up your defenses against certain types of strategies - there is just A LOT to learn about this card game... and that's precisely the reason why A LOT of gamers love it!

Luckily for you, this is one of those card games that have quite a following! There are forums, gaming portals, etc. that are dedicated to strategies and tactics for Spectromancer. So what on earth are you waiting for? Get your hands dirty! Play Spectromancer now!