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Solitaire Spider Instructions

Select and move cards using mouse and left mouse button. Hold 'ctrl' and press 'z' to undo a move.

Solitaire Spider Walkthrough

Solitaire Spider is a treat for anyone who enjoys playing online card games. This excellent solitaire game gives you the option of playing at the difficulty level you're used to, allowing you to choose from one suit, two suits or four suits for the most challenging game experience.

Solitaire Spider follows the same basic rules as most other spider solitaire games online. The objective is to build sequences of cards of the same suit starting with the king and ending with the ace. For example, if you are building the sequence for clubs, you will start with the king of clubs. The next card in the sequence will be the queen of clubs, followed by the jack of clubs, the ten of clubs, the nine of clubs and on to the ace of clubs. To beat the game, you need to build all of the sequences for each suit. How many sequences there are depends on how many suits you are playing with. It sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Well, it can be anything but - especially if you are playing with four suits.

The rules of Solitaire Spider may be difficult for someone who has never played spider solitaire before to get used to, but anyone that has any experience with the game should pick it up fairly easily. Basically, you can build down on any card regardless of suit. For example, a three of hearts can be placed on a four of clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts. A four of clubs can be places on a five of clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts. If you have a sequence of cards in the same suit, for example, a five, four and three of spades, you can move those three cards together. That sequence can be as long as you want it to be or as short as you want it to be, but all of the cards must be in proper order and much be the same suit. If you aren't able to move a sequence that is all of the same suit, check the order of the cards. If there is a card missing from the sequence, you won't be able to move that sequence. For example, the two, three, four, five and six of hearts could be moved onto a seven of any suit, but a sequence of the two, four, five and six of hearts would not be able to be moved. You would have to put the two of hearts on a three of hearts and then move that sequence on to the four of hearts. The entire sequence could then be moved.

At the bottom right of the Solitaire Spider screen, you will find your 'source decks'. You have five source decks for the game. Clicking on the source decks will deal a new row of cards. Try to avoid clicking on these decks for as long as possible. They should only be dealt when you have no other moves to make and need new cards to make new moves. A new row can even be a big help or prevent you from making any moves completely. Every now and then you'll get lucky and the new row of cards will deal a card you need right where you need it. That doesn't happen very often though. As you complete sequences, the sequence will disappear. If the king card in that sequence lies on a hidden card, that card will be revealed.

Empty cells at the top of the Solitaire Spider screen may be confusing for even those who are familiar with this type of card game as the rules about empty cells can change from game to game. In some, you can only put kings in empty cells. In Solitaire Spider, however, any card or any sequence can be placed in the empty cell. This makes the game a little easier but not so easy the game is no longer challenging.

If you're new to solitaire games, you should start with one suit in Solitaire Spider until you get used to the rules of the game. As you improve, you can try two suits. It might not sound like it would make a big difference, but it really does. Four suits is by far the most difficult setting but it provides a great challenge. As you improve you will develop strategies to make it further in the game. There is an element of luck involved, but with a good strategy, the game will get much easier.