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Solitaire 2 Instructions

Click and drag cards into position using the mouse and the left mouse button. To place cards in sequence, double click the card with the left mouse button.

Solitaire 2 Walkthrough

Solitaire 2 is a classic card game that everyone has played at least once, but that definitely doesn't make it any less fun. This challenging and fun solitaire game will keep you playing game after game, with the difficulty of the game being what makes it so appealing. It isn't an impossible game to beat, but that definitely isn't an easy goal to accomplish.

The great thing about Solitaire 2 is how it differs from other solitaire games online. You are given more customization options than you would be offered by many other card games. You can choose from five different colored backgrounds and four different decks of cards. You are also able to choose whether you want to draw one card or three when dealing from your pile. Dealing one card at a time makes the game a lot easier. If you're looking for a challenge, choose three at a time (the default). The game isn't impossible to beat when you deal three at a time from the pile, but it's much harder to win.

Solitaire 2 also offers the option of undoing your last move which is a great advantage over many other online card games. If you have two moves, such as two black jacks and a red queen, and you're not sure which move would benefit you the most, you can try out each move and see where it takes you. Choose the option that opens up the most additional moves. To undo moves, simply click 'undo' at the bottom left of your game screen. Right beside 'undo' there are two icons you should keep your eye on through the game. The first icon shows you how close you are to winning the game and the second shows you how long you have left to beat the game to collect a bonus. Next to the bonus clock you have the option to deal a new game. All of these icons will come in handy while you play.

If you are looking for a real challenge, try playing Solitaire 2 with the second or fourth deck of cards available to you. To choose a new deck, go to the game's main menu and choose options. Your choices for decks are on the third row. Both the second and fourth options break away from the traditional white cards with red and black symbols on them for clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds with the cards themselves being the color of the suit. You might think that wouldn't make a difference in the difficulty of the game, but it really does. Give it a try and see for yourself.