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Solitaire Instructions

Select and move cards using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Solitaire Walkthrough

Solitaire is exactly what you expect it to be - a simple, straightforward and fun solitaire game that is every bit as addictive as the other solitaire games online. The graphics are basic. The goal is simple. The rules are easy. The game is also a lot of fun. The best thing about this game is that is skips the bells and whistles a lot of other card games throw at you while you play. Instead, the game seeks to entertain you the same way solitaire has been entertaining people for decades - challenging your mind and testing your patience. What could be better than that.

In Solitaire, there are no extra decks or wild cards. There are no fancy backgrounds to play on. You just get the fun and the challenge of the game. So, how do you win and how do you play? If you've ever played classic solitaire, then you are already familiar with the rules. If you aren't familiar with solitaire games, that basically the objective is this; get all of the aces in the cells at the top right on the game screen. build up on those aces until you reach the 'King'. For example, if you have the Ace of Hearts, you would need to get the Two of Hearts, then the Three of Hearts, then the Four of Hearts and so on in sequence until you reach the King of Hearts. All of the cards in the sequence must be the same suit and in order to win, you have to have that sequence built for each of the four suits - hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. If you run out of moves your game is over.

In the center of your screen, Solitaire gives you seven columns. There are some visible cards and some hidden cards on each of those columns. You can build descending sequences in these columns but these sequences must be made of cards in alternating color suits. For example, if you have a black ten, you can place that black ten on a red jack but not a black jack. You can place a red nine on that black ten, but not a black nine. A sequence can be moved from one sequence to another. For example, say you have put a red nine on your black ten, a black eight on your red nine, a red seven on your black eight and a black six on your red seven, you can click on the black ten at the top of the sequence and move the entire sequence onto a red jack. Empty columns can only be filled with a King, but that King can be of any suit.

On the top left side of your screen in Solitaire, you have your deck. If you have no moves available in the columns, click on your deck and deal three new cards. You will only be able to use the top card in game play. Being able to see the next two cards, however, is a great advantage. If you can use the top card, you will also be able to plan in advance to use the bottom card. It's a good idea to cycle through the deck at least once to see what moves you can make. The best way to do well in Solitaire is to focus on revealing the hidden cards and getting rid of the cards in the deck. Building on the aces is how you win the game, but getting those hidden cards revealed and the cards out of the deck is the best way to get ahead in the game.