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Snowfall Solitaire Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and place cards.

Snowfall Solitaire Walkthrough

Snowfall Solitaire is a great online solitaire card game that offers something a little different than many of the other online solitaire games. That is perhaps what makes this game so appealing. While you are still playing solitaire, the rules are different and the layout is different, so it doesn't feel the same as every other solitaire game online. It avoids being more of the same which is definitely one of the biggest advantages the game offers. It is also a fun and engrossing game that will get your attention from the very beginning and keep you playing game after game.

The goal of Snowfall Solitaire is to get all of the aces into the four foundation piles at the top of the game screen. You will build up on those foundation piles until you finish the sequence with the king. Complete the sequence for all ten suites and you win. All of the cards you place on the foundation piles must be the same suit as the base ace and must be the next in sequence from the last card you added. For example, if you are building on the Ace of hearts and have just added the two of hearts, the next card you will add to that pile will be the three of hearts. If you want to add the four of hearts you will need to get the three of hearts first.

To help you get the cards in order on your foundation piles, you are given 13 fans to help you free the cards you need. Cards in the fans can be placed on one another, but they must be opposite colors and be placed in descending order. For example, a black jack can only be placed on a red Queen. The only cards you will be able to lay on that black jack is a red ten, and then a black nine on that red ten. Keep in mind, you can move multiple cards at once as long as they are all alternating colors and are in order numerical order. When you use all the cards in a fan, you will be left with an empty space. You can fill that empty space with a King and only a King. You can then begin another sequence. Snowfall Solitaire also offers you a feature that isn't overly common in online solitaire card games - 'undo'. If you aren't pleased with a move you have made or think there is a better move you could've made, you can undo your move by clicking 'Undo'.

In truth, Snowfall Solitaire can take a little bit of getting used to. Even the way the game is scores is a bit different than many other solitaire games. You get five points for each card you place on one of the four foundation piles. Once you accumulate a certain number of points, you reach a new rank in the game. If you finish the game before the time bonus runs out, you will get bonus points for all the time left on the clock. In addition, you get more bonus points when you complete the game. To get through the game faster, take advantage of the ability you are offered to use 'Space' to put all of the available cards on your foundation piles. This definitely speeds up game play.

Overall, Snowfall Solitaire is one of the best card games online. It's engrossing, addictive and challenging. Even though there are card games out there that have better graphics and are more challenging, this game is pretty much perfect. It isn't so easy it's boring or so complicated it's frustrating. The graphics aren't boring but not so intense they're distracting. It's definitely one of the better solitaire games online and well worth playing.