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Scarab solitaire, spider solitaire, tri-peaks - whatever variant of solitaire or card games you are playing, the controls are always as easy as pie. No need for that keyboard. As long as your mouse is working, you are good to go. That's how you play Scarab Solitaire. HOWEVER, playing it right is a different story and takes so much more - you got to know the rules, have strategy and knows how to plan, and last but definitely not the least, you need to bring some luck with you.

Scarab Solitaire Walkthrough

An Egyptian-themed variant of solitaire, Scarab Solitaire is one of those card games that will surely you hooked! Yes, it's easy to kill time... and even get late for school or work when you are playing this game. The goal of the game is straightforward and easy to understand: on top of every tower in this online solitaire game, is a blue scarab card. You need to remove it! When you remove all of the blue scarab cards, you win the level and move on to the next.

This game comes with 5 different levels that are increasing in difficulty. 5 levels may not sound much, BUT believe me, those levels are more than enough to keep you playing for hours. Heck! The difficulty even of the first levels can pose challenges even to experienced card games and solitaire players. I had to go through the first level like 5 times before I got to the next one. Or maybe I'm not as good as I think?

Anyway, going back to the game, if you have played tri-peaks solitaire, this should be a piece of cake for you as it plays EXACTLY like one! The arrangement of the cards are as follows: 28 cards from the deck form the 3 towers (hence the name tri-peaks). Ten of these 28 cards are facing up and serve as the foundation of the three towers. The 3 towers are composed of 6 cards each. The rest of the cards are on the stock and waste pile. The waste pile starts with one card facing up, and the rest are facing down and serve as the stock pile. By the way, unlike other versions of tri-peaks solitaire, there are no wild cards or jokers in this game... which makes it a little more difficult than the rest.

The play one of the completely visible card on the tower or layout on the waste pile card, it should one higher or lower than the card at the bottom. Just a note fellas, if the visible card is an Ace, it can be a low or high card. That means a King or 2 of whatever suit (suits don't matter in this game by the way) can be placed on the Ace at the bottom. You earn points by chipping away at the layout or tower cards, removing them and placing them on the waste pile. Let me remind you, however, if you can take as long as you want in other variants and versions of tri-peaks in solitaire, you're in for a surprise. This one has a time limit for every turn!

See that clock at the bottom left part of the screen? Once it makes a full turn and you do not play a card within the allotted time, the next card will be turned over for you. I think this gives the game a more exciting pace. While this may not be good news for those who slug and duke it out with the game for hours... exploring every possibility, this is an excellent way in my opinion to make things fast paced and have a sports-like feel to it.

The Scoring System Of Scarab Solitaire: For every card you have moved from the tower or Pyramid, you receive a point as well as the current time bonus. By the way, the current time bonus could be anywhere between zero to 9 points. For every card eliminated in a row, you gain an additional 10 points so that means the fifth consecutive card you toss into the waste pile is worth 50 points PLUS whatever the time bonus is.

The blue scarab cards are the heaviest scorers in the game - 1000 points each and that gives you 3000 points for the 3 blue scarab cards alone. As for the cards left on the stock or draw pile, the amounts of points you get depends on how many of them are left. You will receive 10 points for every card plus 10 points MORE for ever card before that.

As for the other aspects of the game, I think Scarab Solitaire is one of those card games that doesn't have a dragging feel to it. Staying true to its Egyptian theme, the design and soundtracks are very Egyptian-like. Well, you may find the music and sound effects to be a little disturbing. If that is the case, you can always switch it off with those sound and music buttons on the top part of the game's screen.