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As far as controls go, there's nothing special or too complicated about Ronin Solitaire. Just like other card games out there in the internet, this game goes easy on the controls department and only requires you to use your mouse. HOWEVER, the game play is an exact opposite of the control's ease of use. Yes, this is one of those card games that is devilishly HARD! Let's take a closer look...

Ronin Solitaire Walkthrough

I don't know really know why this is version of online solitaire is called Ronin Solitaire. Maybe it was played by Ronins all the time when they end up aimlessly wandering after they turn their backs on their Samurai oath? Perhaps this game would take the concentration and patience of a disciplined Ronin?

Well, as I have said, I am not too sure. BUT I have a hunch it's the latter. Yes, this game would take a lot of patience and tons of luck too! Have you played Algerian Patience Solitaire? Yeah? I'm pretty sure you know how difficult that variant of solitaire is. Well, if you think that is challenging, then this is torture! The difficulty level of this game is just insane, it's on a whole new level.

Sometimes, I think that's it not really difficult at all, the game just relies on sheer luck. HOWEVER, as any solitaire player worth his salt knows, no variant of solitaire requires on luck alone. You need to have that skill on spotting which are the most productive cards and how to unleash them. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I don't have that skill. For those of you who are wondering how many times it took me to beat the game, then know this: I am yet to beat it!

The mechanics and objectives of the game are pretty straightforward and easy: there are cards all over the place. You need to rearrange those cards into the 4 piles in the upper horizontal rows, and they should face up. The cards from the deck, which are on the vertical and horizontal rows should be placed into the foundations. And they MUST be in ascending order! And to make things more difficult and challenging, the cards must be of the same suit.

Algerian Patience Solitaire, which requires you to place cards on those that are one higher or lower than them AND on the same suit, is already hard enough. HOWEVER, this one has far more stringent rules: they can only be placed in ascending order!

Well, if you are one of those guys who think that regular and more fun versions of solitaire are just for kids, if you think the dreaded and unbeatable (as some consider) Algerian Patience Solitaire is not hard enough, then this is one of those card games that will put your skills to the test and make you sweat. I hope you enjoy it.