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Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt Instructions

Play the game using your mouse and the left mouse button.

Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt Walkthrough

Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt is perhaps one of the best solitaire games online and definitely one of the best card games online. You are challenged to clear all of the pyramid cards by creating combinations of two cards that equal a sum of 13. For example, you can combine a 5 and an 8 to get 13 but you can't combine a 2 and a 3 to get your 5 for the equation. The fact that there are elements of math games added into this card game makes it ideal for kids or adults who want to strengthen their basic addition skills. Remember though, aces count as 1, Jacks count as 11, Queens count as 12 and Kings count as 13. You can remove a King on its own, but all other cards must be added together to equal 13. If you have no use for a card at any given time, you can place them in the 'Temp Card Store' to allow yourself more options. Make use of this option. It will make the game much easier.

Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt is a fairly basic solitaire game but it's definitely a fun one. Unlike many other online solitaire games you don't simply play the card game, but you progress in levels. As you pass from level to level, you are given new backgrounds to look at so the game never gets boring or bland. The game itself is more than challenging enough to keep you playing level after level. You are also given bonuses if you beat the level within a set amount of time. This gives the game a competitive aspect you don't get with many of the other card games online. The challenge is there to get a high score and then to beat your own high score. Play with a friend and challenge each other. This game offers a little bit of everything.

The real challenge of Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt is to carefully plan your moves so as to not leave yourself without any additional moves. This can be quite difficult to do; particularly with the cards you deal from the deck. The fact that you have your 'Temp Card Store' to hold on to cards that you feel you might need is a great advantage you don't get with many other solitaire games online. The best way to progress in the game is to look at the move you are about to make and then look ahead to the moves you will open up. Look at the cards under the card you are about to remove. Are you going to be able to use those cards? If not, it might be best to look for another option. While there won't always be another option available, it's a good idea to take the time to check.

As you progress in Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt, you may find yourself with a surplus of cards that you've dealt from the deck. Get rid of as many of those cards as you can. Use them with each other to make combinations. The more cards you have stacked on top of each other at the bottom of your screen the harder it will be to make moves later on in the game. This card game is definitely a game of strategy although there are certainly elements of luck. If you plan your moves carefully, however, and make use of the 'Temp Card Store' you should have no problem beating the game and moving on the the next level.