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Mytheria Instructions

Use the mouse and left mouse button to select and play cards.

Mytheria Walkthrough

Mytheria is an excellent online card game that is similar to many other turn-based card games so if you have played that sort of game before you should be able to pick up on how the game is played fairly quickly. If you aren't familiar with turn-based card games, you may have a bit of a harder time getting the hang of things. Rest assured, the more you play the more you will learn about the game and the easier it will become. First, the game is divided into two sections - your opponent's section on top where their hand is shown and their basic statistics are shown. Because the game would be a little too easy if you could see what cards your opponent has, they are presented face down. On the bottom of the screen you will see your hand and your statistics. The objective of the game is to attack your opponent by playing your cards to get their Life (shown next to the green glowing ball) down to zero. You have to take them out before they can take you out. If your Life gets down to zero or you run out of cards, your game is over.

The cards in Mytheria are laid out very similar to how cards are laid out in many other turn-based card games. At the top of the card, you are shown the title of that card. Below that, you see what the card's function is. If the card's function is Creature, it means you can use that card to attack your enemy. On the right of the card you will see a number beside the picture. This number tells you the Strength of the card. Strength tells you how much damage your creature will inflict in battle. For example, creatures with a strength of '2' will inflict two damage points on your opponent during attack. It also means your creature can absorb '2' damage points when it is attacked. If there are dots above the number, the color of those dots and number of dots shown tell you how much Power and what kind of Power playing that card will cost you. There are five colors of Power; red, blue, black, white and purple. If the card uses two Red Power, you will see two red dots above the card's strength. The color of the dots changes based on that kind of power is used. You are given the option of powering up your different colors of Power at the beginning of each turn by clicking on the appropriate power up icon when you are asked if you want to power up or draw a card at the beginning of your turn. Power refreshes at the beginning of each turn so if you use all your power in a turn, don't worry. It will come back.

Your hand can be a little hard to get used to playing in Mytheria if you are used to this type of card game. Basically, your hand at the bottom of the screen shows you the cards you have to play. Some cards will be creature cards you can use to attack. Some cards can help to heal you after battle. Other cards can make your creatures stronger and therefore increase how much damage they deliver during attacks. If you are confused about what cards do what, hover over the card with your mouse to get more information about that card. When you click on one of the creature cards, it will be taken out of your hand and put in position on the game screen. It will be able to attack your enemy once per turn. You can, however, play multiple creature cards at once if you have the resources to do so. Once you are satisfied with the cards you've played, click 'finished' to make your creatures attack. You will need to click on the creature you want to attack your enemy to make them deliver the damage. Once your turn is complete, it is your opponent's turn.

Modifier cards are a great asset in Mytheria. Some modifier cards are permanent while others only last one turn. If you aren't sure which is true for the card you want to play, hover your mouse over the card to get more information about it. Each modifier works on one of your creature cards. For example, 'Rally' is a modifier card that gives a creature card of your choosing two more strength points which means they will absorb more damage and deliver more damage. These are great cards to use to get further in the game. Cards like the 'Firestorm' card require more power to use but are great cards. Firestorm, for example, will inflict one damage on all of the creatures attacking you.

The best thing about Mytheria is that it begins quite easily. You have all red cards and are really given the chance to understand how to use those cards in game play. As you progress, however, more cards are added, more card functions are added, but the game never becomes so difficult that it is too frustrating to be fun. This is an excellent strategy card game and one of the best turn-based card games online - definitely worth a play.