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Monster Master Instructions

As with most card games, your mouse is needed for almost all of the actions in Monster Master: (1) Click and drag mouse especially for battling monsters from your opponent's deck. (2) Double click to activate certain spells. (3) Drag and drop other spells to deal negative buffs to your opponent's monsters while buffing yours with enhancing spells. If you find the battle sequences and animations to be a little redundant, you can easily skip them by pressing the Space Bar. By the way, you can change the animation and speed of the AI in the Options menu.

Monster Master Walkthrough

There's something about trading card games like Yu-Gi Oh and Magic The Gathering - the need for deeper understanding, decision making, luck... all of these and more combined in one neat package. If you are a HUGE fan of these games, then you will LOVE Monster Master! While the graphics may NOT be as great as those trading card games that I have mentioned, the mechanics, the flow of the game, and everything else pretty much stays the same.

Before anything else, you need to set up the players first, and there are a number of options when it comes to this. To start off, you need to select a name for your player. You can key in whatever name that comes to mind, it's NOT really crucial. On the other hand, you can select if you want to go up against the computer or if you want a HUMAN player as your opponent. Next thing to check out is the strength of your deck. By default, this is set at 2000 - you can increase yours and downgrade the deck of your AI opponent (which helps especially if you are a newcomer to the game). While the cards will be random, the stronger your deck, the MORE powerful the cards it will have. For trading card game veterans, there's always the option to create your own decks. You can do so by clicking the "Use Custom Deck" button and you should be good to go.

Once you are done, hit OK. Now, you are taken to the battlefield... well, not exactly a battlefield BUT sort of a table where much of the action would take place. I think it helps if we elaborate more on the elements found in this part of the game. On the leftmost part of the screen, you will see your name as well as your avatar (the same can be said with the other player). Right below your avatar is your health. You don't want your health be drained down to nothing. When that happens, it's game over. Now, there is a barrier cutting across the middle of the 'table'. When it's in blue, no attacks can be made. The graveyard, which is located on the right part of the screen, is where your monsters and used spells go. Somewhere near that, you will find that circular arrow that you have to click once you finish your turn.

In this game, there are 2 card types - you have the Monster Cards and the Magic Cards. Magic Cards can be activated in either of the 2 ways - (1) Double clicking (2) Dragging and dropping it to a monster (it can be yours or the opponent's) to deal its effect. The monster card, on the other hand, is a lot more complicated to understand and use. There are monsters that have some special abilities - like weakening the opponent's damage, dealing DOT, etc. Much of these can be viewed within the game's built in instructions. HOWEVER, one thing to keep in mind about monsters - once their lives run out (yes, they do have health bars too), they will be tossed to the graveyard.

Trading card games - these games are so complex and full of strategic and tactical twists and turns that explaining them in a page is HARD. HOWEVER, playing Monster Master is a start.