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Magic Towers Solitaire Instructions

Select and submit cards using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Magic Towers Solitaire Walkthrough

Magic Towers Solitaire is a unique and fun online solitaire card game that offers nice graphics and a fun game to keep you playing round after round. The great thing about this game is that during one gaming session, you can actually keep track of your own high score and work to beat it. Alternatively, you can challenge a friend or family member to beat your score. Best of all, the game stays basically the same the whole way through, but since it is so challenging, it avoids becoming boring or bland. You want to get through as many levels as you can, even if all the levels basically look the same. This game doesn't need flashy graphics and constantly changing backgrounds to keep you entertained. The game is more than enough for that.

The premise of Magic Towers Solitaire is a bit different than more of the other solitaire games or card games online. Instead of having to create sequences of a certain suit going either from Ace to King or King to Ace, your primary goal is just to clear the cards off the screen. You are given a castle formation with the towers and a row of cards facing up along the bottom of those towers. Under that row of cards you will see your deck and your home card. The deck lies face down with the last card reading 'next card'. Your home card lies beside that face up. Next to your home card you have the 'Undo' options that you can use to undo a move you aren't pleased with. Beside that is the wild card. You can use that at any point during the same, but you only get to use it once per level. If you make it to the end of the level without using the wild card you get bonus points. You also get bonus points if you make it through the entire level without your 'time bonus' reaching zero. Taking advantage of all of these options is the best way to get a high score in this game.

The home card is the central focus of game play in Magic Towers Solitaire. The home card will change each time you make a move, but you will always use it the same way. Only the cards that are face up can be played and only cards worth a value of one higher or one lower than your home card can be played. For example, if your home card is a 6 of diamonds, look at all of the cards facing up and try to find a 5 or an 7 regardless of the suit. Those are the only two cards you will be able to play on your 6. If you don't have any available moves, you can click on the deck and get a new home card or choose to use your wild card. If you use your wild card, you will be able to choose any available card (card facing up) to be your new home card. Using your wild card should be avoided as long as possible, but if you must use it, choose the next cards carefully. If you do have an available move, let's say for this example that you had a 7 of clubs, click on that 7. Your home card is now the 7 of clubs and you're not looking for a 6 or a 8.

The key to getting a high score in Magic Towers Solitaire is planning your moves carefully and making as many connections as you can. Don't just play one move at at time. Think ahead beyond your current move. If you're playing a 3 is there a 4, 5, and 6 available. If not, is there a 2, Ace, and King available. It might cost you a small portion of your time bonus to think your moves out, but it will help you make it much further in the game.