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Maganic Wars Instructions

Maganic Wars is controlled by using the mouse. Click on cards to play them, then click on the button in the center of the stage to execute your turn.

Maganic Wars Walkthrough

Maganic Wars is a turn-based card game with RPG elements. This card game features simple controls, anime-inspired graphics, and minimal sound effects.

The objective of Maganic Wars is to defeat your opponent in combat. Combat is turn-based and determined by cards. This card game is not another Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic the gathering, however; the cards themselves are not creatures, but rather the attacks and actions that your hero (in the lower-right corner) and opponent (in the upper-left corner) use. If you manage to defeat your opponent, you will advance to the next round, but if you fall, the game is lost. There is no saving in this card game, so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play.

Aside from standard attacks, Maganic Wars also features cards with special effects, such as poison, curses, and counterattacks. These cards change the values of modifiers, indicated by small icons above your hand (your modifiers) or below your opponent's hand (their modifiers). Some cards also increase your rune power when played. Once your rune power reaches its maximum level, your character will become more powerful, similar to a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. For a full list of modifiers and their effects, consult the in-game instructions.

After each round in Maganic Wars, you will have access to a shop. Items bought in the shop are stored in the inventory and are separate from the cards. To access your inventory, click the drop-down menu above your hero. Most of the items that can be bought from the shop are rather useless, but one item, the Phoenix Plume, should always be bought when it can be afforded. Obviously an homage to Final Fantasy's Phoenix Down, the Phoenix Plume can resurrect your character once if you are defeated.

Maganic Wars is an addictive card game that has aged well. Despite its 2004 release, this card game will keep gamers on the edges of their seats well into the current decade!