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Lucky Eights Instructions

Lucky Eights is controlled by using the mouse. Click on cards to add them to your hand.

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You may have heard of the card game Crazy Eights, but have you heard of Lucky Eights? Lucky Eights is a card game loosely based on the fact that the number eight is seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. This card game features detailed graphics, background music inspired by Eastern cultures, and challenging, high-paced gameplay.

The objective of Lucky Eights is to form three-card hands and attain as high of a score as possible. Rather than using the suits and faces of a standard deck of playing cards, this card game uses a three-color deck of cards with values from one to eight. Wild cards are also present and can represent any card of their suit. Finally, black dragon cards may also appear. Black dragon cards should be avoided since they invoke a time penalty when placed in hands!

Points are earned by forming hands with the cards that you collect. Hands in this card game are similar to those in poker (except that standard poker cards are not used). Possible hands include straights, flushes, pairs, three-of-a-kinds, and more. A full list of hand types and their point values is given before the game begins.

The mouse is used to control all aspects of Lucky Eights. Simply click on cards as they appear on the screen to add them to your hand. Once a card is added to your hand, it cannot be removed, so choose wisely. Cards will not be on the screen forever, so you will have to be quick. On the other hand, patience can also be a virtue in this card game. Waiting for the right card to appear to complete your hand can help earn more points rather than always taking what you can get.

Lucky Eights is a fast-paced and frantic card game that is simple to play but difficult to master. The simplicity, speed, and brevity of this card game makes it an excellent choice for a quick gaming break!