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Holdem Squares Solitaire Instructions

Place cards by clicking once with the left mouse button.

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Holdem Squares Solitaire is a unique combination of solitaire and poker that is both fun and addictive. You start the game with 25 places available on your grid and a single card to place in one of the places on the grid. You can place your card anywhere, but keep in mind, the goal of the game is to make the best hands you can make both vertically, horizontally and diagonally. It isn't nearly as easy as it sounds as just like in any of the other poker games online and poker in real life, you never know what card you're going to be dealt next.

The great thing about Holdem Squares Solitaire is that is appeals to people who enjoy solitaire card games and those that enjoy poker games. There is a lot of strategy and careful thinking involved in this game if you want to get a high score but there is also a heavy element of luck needed as well which poker fans will love. You really have to be careful where you place the cards you get, however, because once you have them on the grid, you can't move them to another spot. Once you have all the spots on the grid filled, the game is over and your score is calculated. Once your score has been calculated you are shown the hands you got which makes improving in the game a little easier. There is also luck needed to get a really good hand, but with a little practice and careful thinking, you can get a good score with just about any hands you are given.

To make Holdem squares Solitaire a bit easier, you are given to hole cards that you can use for each hand. These cards are automatically calculated into each hand. For example, say you have the 4 of Spades and the 6 of Spades in the hole. Factor those two cards in when you're laying Spades and it's much easier to get a straight flush. Sometimes you'll have a pair in the hole which will always give you at least one pair for each hand on the grid. Get three of a kind on a row with a pair in the hole and you've got a full house. You get double your bonus for each card in the hole that you use in your hand. You only receive that double bonus if the hole cards contribute to your score though so try to keep that in mind while you play your cards. If you aren't sure what the best hands are, there is a list on the right side of the game screen that shows you how many points each hand is worth. Keep an eye on those values as you're placing your cards.

Overall, Holdem Squares Solitaire is an unique poker game that throws in elements of solitaire games to make one addictive and engrossing game. If you love both the poker and solitaire genres of card games, you will absolutely love this game.