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Headspin: Card Quest Instructions

As far as controls go, there is nothing complicated about this card game. What do you need to have? A mouse - a good and working mouse... and that's about it! Click to move from level to another, click to end a conversation, click the left mouse button to flip a card, and everything else in between.

Headspin: Card Quest Walkthrough

Headspin: Card Quest is an excellent online puzzle card game that uses an entertaining story, fun graphics and truly challenging levels to keep you entertained. The basic premise of the story is this: you have to meet all of the challenges placed before you by the various opponents you encounter to try to rescue the King and Queen who have been locked in their castle by the evil Prince. To meet these challenges you will have to look at your cards on the left of the game screen and your opponent's cards on the right of the screen and reverse your cards so they are mirror images of your opponent's cards. To accomplish this task, you will need to pay attention to the details on the cards and determine which of your cards need to be reversed but you'll also need to do it quickly. You have a time limit. Run out of time and your game is over. It's not easy to beat this game, but you'll have fun and the end of the story is entertaining.

Whenever we talk about the card games genre, games like poker (with all of its variations like 5 card draw, 3 card poker, Texas Hold 'Em, etc.), solitaire, spider solitaire, and even trading card games like Magic The Gathering and Yugi-Oh! Immediately come to mind. More or less, these card games relies A LOT on a good combination of luck (if the cards on your hand are BAD...then there's nothing you can do about it) and strategy... making the most out of the cards you have. The nature of these card games don't lend themselves to fast paced game play. More often than not, you need to ponder about which card combination to go for if you can form multiple ones, which card from your hand to deal, and everything else in between.

Quite sick and tired of the complicated and generally slow game play? Sometimes, us card game lovers want to have something that's a little faster paced... something that could inject some serious doses of excitement. And this is EXACTLY what Headspin Card Quest is all about. Here's the story: the King and Queen have been locked in the castle by an evil Prince (I'm not entirely sure why the King and Queen are powerless against him), and it's your job to save them. Nah, you will not be crossing swords against mercenaries, you won't fight against fire breathing dragons, ogres, and mages. Rather, you will play a magical card game with them... inching your way towards the castle as you beat one opponent after another.

Headspin: Card Quest starts you off facing off against the innkeeper. You have 30 seconds to meet the innkeeper's challenges. At the end of each successful challenge, you clock is reset. In the next level, you face off against the ogre. You have less time on the clock and more cards to deal with. By the time you get to the dragon, things are getting really difficult. It gets harder to tell which cards you need to reverse. The best way to make the right choices quickly is to look for one little detail in all of the cards and then look for that same detail in the other cards. On a clover, for example, it could be the direction the stem is facing. Look for that detail if your cards and your opponents cards and make sure they are mirror images. If they aren't, turn the card and win the round.

The mechanics of the magical card game in Headspin Card Quest is very easy to pick up. No need to be bothered about card combinations, royal flushes, straights, or what your card does and does NOT. All you have to do is this: there will be an equal number of identical looking cards dealt both on the left and right side. What you need to do is flip the cards on the right side so that they mirror the left cards. What EXACTLY do I mean? For example, the mirror image of this statement: "How are you?" is "?uoy era woH" I'm sure you get my drift. That's what you need to do with the cards. Sounds easy? It sure does... BUT you will realize that this is NOT piece of cake as you initially thought. That's especially true when the time limit continuously catches up on you. Yes, there's a time limit - 20 seconds in the first stages then it drops down to 15 seconds and lower. If that runs out, then it's game over you need to restart the level.

The important thing to remember about Headspin: Card Quest is that all of the cards will not be reversed. In many cases, you will only need to reverse one or two of the cards. That's what makes this game such an awesome puzzle game. You are challenged to carefully look at the cards to determine the right move instead of just making matches of a certain color or shape like you would have to do with other online puzzle games. Card Quest is also much different than other card games online. You're not trying to stack cards on one another or make sequences of cards which is what makes this game especially hard. Headspin: Card Quest is likely much different from any other card games or puzzle games you've played and it takes a little while to get used to how to play it. In the beginning, that can make it a bit frustrating, but as you play more, you'll get the hang of it.

The difficulty of the cards also increase as you go further. On the first stage, you only need to check 2 cards. As you progress, HOWEVER, the number of cards increase - even reaching as many as 7 cards in my case (I reached the Knight guarding the castle). Along with that, the images on the cards get VERY confusing and distracting. For one thing, the cards with the Knight are sparkling... making it really hard to determine whether I should flip a card or not. Long story short, I ended up with a headache and decided not to continue my quest. The hell with the King and Queen, their savior needs some rest!

The best thing about this game is that progressing in the levels means you progress in the story. At the end of each level you know there will be a whole new opponent to face off against and a whole new set of cards to look at. This makes the game harder, but also more entertaining. Many other online card games give you the standard cards to play with - hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades - and after a while, the visuals can get a bit dull and boring. With Headspin: Card Quest, you are constantly looking at something new and interesting. The graphics are fun and the story is engrossing. You find yourself actually wanting to rescue the King and Queen. Do you actually succeed and rescue the hostages from the evil Prince? You'll have to beat the game to find out!