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Control schemes for card games are always easy to pick up. Heck! You only need to have a working mouse and you are good to go: click to draw cards, click to bet and adjust the amount, click to reveal your hands, and everything else in between. In simpler terms, you will be clicking during the whole game. Let's check it out.

Governor of Poker 2 Walkthrough

When it comes to poker, there are only 2 ways you can approach it - either you are addicted to it, or you don't know a thing about it... not even able to tell the difference between a flush from a straight. Poker - this word immediately brings to mind the high stakes, and sometimes, televised games in Vegas. Man, if only you are good enough and has the dough to play in those leagues. Well, worry NOT. Youda Games has brought a sequel to the popular 'poker meets simulation' game that captured the attention of many - Governor Of Poker 2. Whether you are a poker newbie or a veteran, this sure has something in store for you.

This is NOT one of your average card games. For one thing, Governor Of Poker 2 Poker together with a light-hearted story line that gives you a nice excuse to leave the poker table, explore the sights and sounds the land has to offer, spend money and buy buildings and stuff at the general store, and the like.

The Story: The governor of Texas declared that poker is illegal for the dumb reason that it relies on luck. That it's nothing BUT a game of chance. Well, this is your chance to show him that poker is MUCH more than that. That it takes nerves of steel and skill to win this game. How exactly do you do that? Simple. Go on a campaign through the state. Visit towns beating the local poker hustlers... turning the people at the saloons you visit into poker worshipers. Well, to be honest, the story doesn't matter that much at all. While there is a story line and there are other stuff that you can do here aside from playing poker, for the most part, minutes or hours will pass with you staring at the table and cards. Governor Of Poker 2 showcases a pretty solid game of Texas Hold 'Em against a couple of computer controlled opponent. For those who are NOT aware, Texas Hold 'Em poker deals each player with 2 cards with a set of community cards in the middle of the table. Anyone and everyone can use these... and from there you can determine if they are bluffing or if they do have a valuable pair of cards!

And this is the MOST difficult part - the subtle cues and hints given by the players. Since you cannot see the faces of your opponents in Governor Of Poker 2, how are you going to do it? How are you going to read their reactions? Well, Youda Games did an excellent job. They still give clues if they are bluffing, frazzled, if they are in trouble, or what not. In time, you will start to pick on their personalities... allowing you to determine if that guy across you is just bluffing. While this is NOT essential to play the game, in real life, they are a HUGE part and poker fans will surely love its inclusion.

The addition of light simulation is a good move by Youda. This allows you to take the game out of the saloon and into the dusty streets of Texas. This breaks up the tension and action just at the right moment and at the right times. Of course, there's still the option of just playing poker rather than enjoying the casual atmosphere that the other game elements provide. Just go to the main menu and you should be able to take it from there. Well made, highly accessible, and very addictive for all levels - give Governor Of Poker 2 a shot NOW!