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Good Ol' Poker Instructions

Use your left mouse button to select bet, fold or play cards.

Good Ol' Poker Walkthrough

Good Ol' Poker is an excellent online poker card game that allows you to choose a character that will offer special abilities and unique attributes to help you play better. Some of the characters you can choose from are good bluffers while others aren't. Some players are aggressive players while others are passive. In Good Ol' Poker, you get to choose which one you will be. The rules of the game follow basic poker rules although you are given a handy cheat function that allows you to access your character's special ability while you can choose to use once the bar is full. Each hand you play fills the bar a little more. If you win, the bar fills even more. Winning isn't easy though, but you should do fine if you choose a good character and play smart poker.

There are fifteen rounds, or hands, in Good Ol' Poker and your goal is to finish those 15 rounds with the most money. Basically, thee game begins when the dealer deals each player their hand. The player who follows the dealer will set the small blind which is half of the minimum bet. The player following will set the big blind. You will play each of these roles at one point or another throughout the fifteen hands. At the center of the bottom of the game screen you'll see the pot (the amount of money on the table) and the bet (the highest bet on the table currently). You'll start the first part of your hand by betting. Bet carefully. Look at your cards and figure out if you have anything good. If you don't, consider the likelihood you'll get something better when you draw (exchange cards) later in the hand. Once you've decided, you can choose to fold (withdraw from the hand), call (place the minimum bet you need to stay in the game, the current highest bet on the table) or raise. If you have a good hand, it's a good idea to raise. How much you want to raise is up to you. You'll find all of these options in the bottom left of your screen. Next to raise, you'll see a number with an arrow above and below it. If the bet is ten and you want to raise it to fifty, click on the up arrow until 40 is displayed beside raise then click raise to raise.

When it comes time to draw cards in Good Ol' Poker, decide which cards you want to exchange, click them and hit done. You can then choose whether you want to raise, call or fold. On the right side of the screen, you have the option to check (skip placing a bet and waiting to see what everyone else at the table will do) or go all in (bet everything you have). Going all in is great if you have a good hand, but you should only do it when you're sure you have a hand worth placing a bet like that on. If not, you may find your game comes to a quick end.

In Good Ol' Poker, like most online poker games, your game ends when you run out of money or when all of the other players you are playing against run out of money. If you make it through all fifteen hands, the player who has the most money wins. If you play well, though, don't be surprised to find yourself eliminating players right away and finishing out the rest of your fifteen hands against one player.

Good Ol' Poker is a great card game and one of the better poker games online. The graphics are fun and entertaining and the other players give you a good challenge. If you're looking for a good poker game, this one is definitely worth a look.