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Card games, especially solitaire and all of its other variants, are very addictive... not to mention very easy to play. Perhaps that is precisely the reason why a lot of fired employees are laid off because of playing this game. Once they start it, they can't seem to stop! Anyway, to play these card games, all you need to do is have a good and working mouse along with wits and luck... a lot of luck if I may add. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the game.

Golf Solitaire Walkthrough

Golf Solitaire - if you are into patience card games and solitaire, this is a game you surely want to check out. A variant of the game we all came to love, this is a game where you, the player can build up the foundation of your cards up or down. The suit of the cards you build up or down doesn't really matter or count. Anyway, you can only remove those cards that do NOT have any cards on top of them.

Having played the game for hours, I must say that it is inevitable that, at some point, you will get stuck. Don't worry, however, this is NOT the end of the world fellas. All you need to do is deal a card directly from the stock pile straight to the foundation. Use this newly dealt card as the new top card in the foundation and build it up or down from there.

The objective of the game is also pretty straightforward as with any card games: in Golf Solitaire, the ultimate goal is to clear up all of those piles of cards. Do that and you win the round and you get to play the next and harder one. And believe me, the difficulty ramps up really quickly in this game. The card can be removed from the layout if they one higher or lower than the visible deck card which is at the bottom. Take note, however, that the ace is low or high. That means you can place either a King or a 2 on it. That's how it goes in the regular levels. HOWEVER, if you go for the harder and MUCH more difficult levels of Golf Solitaire, the value of the Ace changes to low. That means you can only place a 2 on them.

Jokers: you want to have as many of them as possible (unfortunately, there's only a maximum of 4 jokers in the deck). They can be found either in the layout or in the deck. Jokers are wild cards, which means you can play them at any time (provided there's no other card on top of them) and you can place them on top of any card...and alternatively, any card can be placed on top of them, too. As cool as it may sound, you don't want to just use your Jokers. You need to use them wisely. Your skill in using Jokers or lack thereof could mean the difference between clearing the round or losing it.

Arrangement Of The Cards: As with most card games, Golf Solitaire is played with a single deck of cards... a set of 52 cards for those who don't know it. It starts with 35 cards dealt face up, and these are placed into 7 columns with each column having 5 cards. The rest of the cards, the other 17, are then placed in the stock pile. From the stock pile, you can draw one card at a time and place them straight to the foundation. If you have moved all of the 35 cards into the columns to the foundation, you win the game!

There are many versions of Golf Solitaire found all over the net. HOWEVER, this is the one I love the most. For one thing, it comes with different skill levels and difficulties, which allows the newcomers to enjoy the game. True, the difficulty only changes the value of the Ace, BUT that is HUGE believe me.

Aside from the different levels of difficulty, this game also has nice in game instructions that will hand hold you throughout your first game of Golf Solitaire - starting from the beginning until you finish the round... or you lose it if you play that badly. And to top everything off, this version of Golf Solitaire has some nice and enticing graphics. This helps a lot in keeping the game upbeat and staving off boredom especially if it's your first time playing the game.

Anyway, enough talk. It's time to test your patience, skill, and of course, luck. Play Golf Solitaire now!