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GoGo 21 Instructions

Choose column using the mouse. Drop the card into the column by clicking column with the left mouse button.

GoGo 21 Walkthrough

GoGo 21 is a fast paced, online card game that throws in elements of puzzle games, solitaire games, black jack games and even math games to make it one of the best card games online. The objective is simple with this one - drop cards in one of four columns one at a time so that the sum of the cards adds up to 21. When the total sum of the cards is 21 all of the cards in that column will disappear and you'll start building a new equation. If the card you are trying to add to a column will bring the total sum passed 21 you will not be able to drop that card into the column. If the card cannot be used in any of the columns you will need to discard it by simply clicking discard.

To make things a little easier for those who have trouble with quick math equations, GoGo 21 shows you the current sum of the cards in a column at the top of the column as well as which columns your current card can go in. If the number of the card you have will not fit in a column, you will see a plain column with no vertical lines below the cards. If the card will fit in a column, you will see several vertical lines running up and down the column below the cards. You will still need to carefully plan the best place for the card to go, but this gives you a good point to start at.

There are other card games similar to GoGo 21 but few of them are near as good. This game also offers wild cards - outlined in yellow - that will automatically make any column you drop it into equal 21. There are things about this game that make it more difficult than its competition, however. The time limit makes the game much more challenging as you have to race to try to make 21 as many times as you can without running out of time. If you want to get a high score, you have to plan your moves well. If you have four columns all equaling 20, you are drastically reducing the number of potential moves you have. You need an Ace in every column and won't have room for any other cards.

One of the best ways to get ahead in GoGo 21 is to pick a column and drop any low numbers you can't use into it. They won't build up a sum very quickly so when you get high numbers you can't use in any other column, you can drop them into your 'spare' column as well. Eventually, you'll get 21 there and can start your spare column all over again. This also keeps you from having to waste as many numbers by discarding them.

Overall, GoGo 21 has fairly simple graphics and a simple premise but it is also a lot of fun. It doesn't need an engrossing story and over the top visuals to draw you in. The game itself is more than enough to hold your attention. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself learning a little something about math in the process.