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Elite Freecell Instructions

Use the mouse and left mouse button to select and move cards.

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Elite Freecell is an excellent online solitaire card game that is both challenging and entertaining. The best part is, with a little planning and analyzing your possible moves, it is entirely possible to win this game time and time again. It will take time and patience and you will need to make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules, but in time and with practice, you can become a Freecell pro.

In Elite Freecell, unlike more other solitaire card games, you have no deck to deal new cards with when you get into a spot where you have no moves. You have only the cards on the game screen to play with. The goal is to get the four aces into the home cells, shown on the top right side of the game screen. To make things a bit easier, you also have four free cells, hence the game's name, shown on the left side of the game screen. You can use these free cells to temporarily store cards to get them out of your way so you can increase the number of moves you have. You can't build up or down on the cards in the free cells, so make sure you use them wisely.

Elite Freecell can be a bit hard for those who aren't used to free cell games to get used to; even of they are regular players of other solitaire games. The rules of free cell are a bit different than many other card games, so you need to be familiar with those rules before you begin playing. Basically, the game is played predominantly with the cards in the eight columns below the free cells and home cells. Only the top cards in these columns can be used, unless you have a sequence of cards you want to move. Cards in the columns can be placed on top of each other in alternating colors in descending order. For example, a red ten can be placed on a black jack. A black nine can be placed on a red ten. If you have a black jack, then a red ten and then a black nine all in sequence at the end of a column, you can move all three cards and place them on top of a red queen. The trick is, you are restricted as to how many cards you can move at one time depending on how many free cells you have available at the time. The more free cells you have the more cards you can move.

The best way to beat Elite Freecell is to carefully plan each and every move and avoid using those free cells as much as you can. Only use them when it's absolutely necessary to do so. You'll need them later in the game. Having those free cells open will allow you to move the amount of cards you need to move in most cases. Also, where possible, put a card in one of the free cells that you will be able to use in one of the columns right away. This is a great strategy card game and a great solitaire game that will challenge you and test your patience. In time, you'll get much better and you'll be able to beat the game far more often.

The only problem with Elite Freecell is that the trial is a bit limiting. You don't have access to a lot of the options you would have by downloading the game. You only have access to practice mode, one background and one deck design. This will still give you an idea of how awesome the game is. If you enjoy it, consider downloading it to get access to the bonus features. You may well decide it was worth it.