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The controls of turn-based and battle card games like Doyu Card Battle are as easy as pie. No need for that keyboard, it's all about your mouse. You just need to know where to click and that's about it. Playing it is easy... playing it RIGHT, however, is a different story. Let's take a closer look at the game's mechanics.

Doyu Card Battle Walkthrough

Whether you want to duke it out with AI player or go up against with a friend of yours in a turn-based card games battle, Doyu Card Battle can provide you hours of card battling fun you are looking for. Basically, this game is composed of 2 players taking turns against each other while using their magical cards to fight.

On every turn, you need to throw a card. The effect, however, differs from the card you have drawn and used. There are cards that deal insane amounts of damage. Some cards beef up your defenses against attacks. Others make you immune from certain spells. There are counter attacking cards that spring up a nasty blow when the enemy charges in, and those are just to name a few. The objective is straightforward and easy: you need to remove the health points of your opponent, and you win the game. Doing that, on the other hand, is quite complicated.

A Look At The Cards: On every battle, both sides have a different set of cards, which are also known as decks. You will start the game with a basic deck of 30 cards. As you progress into the later stages of the game, you will earn money and bag some achievements that will allow you to grab new cards and configure your deck to your personal preference. By the way, there are 2 types of cards in the game: there are effect cards and modifier cards. In a nutshell, an effect card deals some sort of... well, effect either to you or your opponent (good for you and bad for that guy across the table). Modifier cards, as the name suggests, changes or alters some of your cards (perhaps increasing the damage or the like) and doing otherwise for your opponent.

The Effect Cards Under The Microscope: There are 5 different effect cards in the game. The Damage and direct attack card removes a portion of your opponent's health points or HP.

Health and Healing cards, on the other hand, restores some of your lost HP. Don't use them while you are in full health, though, as the card won't have any effect.

Drain cards, as the name suggests, works like life-leech. It will steal HP from your opponent and give them to you instead. As good as it sounds, you shouldn't use it with Attack and Defense modifier cards as that won't work. Drain Karma cards work in the same fashion, BUT takes Karma points instead of HP.

And last BUT not the least, you have the Combo Cards. This allows you to more cards in the same turn... allowing you to combine attack and defense effectively. However, it all boils down to which cards you have drawn and what exactly they do.

Modifier Cards Under The Microscope: In Doyu Card Battle, there are 8 different modifier cards. With an altering effect when thrown, these cards can turn the tide of battle when used at the right moment. Let's take a look:

1. Modifier Attack Cards: This increases the damage dealt by a Damage card to your opponent. Do not use it with drain or poison cards, however, as it will not have any effect and therefore useless.

2. Modifier Defense Cards: This does a good job of decreasing the damage you take from an opponent's damage card. Remember, just like the attack modifiers, it doesn't work with or against drain or poison. It won't reduce the damage you take from the said card types.

3. Modifier Counter Attack Card: When your opponent throws poison, damage, or drain effects at you, this card will counterattack.

4. Modifier Regeneration Card: As the name of this modifier card suggests, you will gain health for each and every turn.

5. Modifier Karma Card: This beefs you up with 100 points of Karma, which in turn gives you a special card that you can use for battle.

6. Modifier Poison Card: This works in an exact opposite way that the regeneration card does. It works as DOT or Damage Over Time (that's RPG lingo by the way). When you are stung by this card, you will lose HP every turn.

7. Modifier Paralysis Card: When you are paralyzed by this modifier card, whatever card you throw, good or bad, will NOT have any effect.

8. Modifier Immunity Card: Last but not the least in the modifier cards. Once you have this trump, your opponent cannot attack you in any way for some turns. HOWEVER, your opponent can use those turns to obtain Karma, health points, and the list goes on. When used with Paralysis card, however, (which is sort of hard to pull off) your opponent will be a sitting duck!

So there you go! You now know the basics of this card game - Doyu Card Battle. Much of the advanced stuff you need to know can be learned in the game... and nowhere else. So quit reading and start playing!