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Cupid Tripeaks Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and play cards.

Cupid Tripeaks Walkthrough

Cupid Tripeaks is a fun online solitaire game that challenges you to clear the cards from the peaks to reveal Cupid, Aphrodite and Ares before time runs out. If you run out of time your game is over. If you run out of moves, your game is over. Luckily, you have the help of an 'undo' button and a wild card that can be used one per level at any time. You also have a deck of cards you can deal from if you run out of moves to make on your home card. It can be a bit difficult to get the hang of this game in the beginning if you aren't used to playing tri peak solitaire games, but once you play a round or two, you'll have no trouble picking up how the game is played. You might not necessarily find the game easy, but would the game be any fun if you did?

The rules of Cupid Tripeaks are pretty basic for online card games of this format. You are given a deck at the bottom of your screen, a home card on the right side of your deck and a wild card on the right side of your home card. Above that, you are given three peaks made up of hidden cards with a row along the bottom of revealed cards. Your home card is your starting point. You can remove any available card (the cards shown face up) that is either higher or lower in value than your home card. The card you remove will become your new home card. For example, let's say your home card is a 6. Look for a 5 or a 7 of any suit among the available cards. It's a good idea to look for sequences as well, meaning, if you have a 5, look for a 4, a 3 and so on. Choose the option that will give you the most additional moves. If you only gave a 5, click the 5. That 5 is now your home card and you need to find a 4 or another 6. Play as many cards at a time as you can. If you have several 5's and 6's, play them in an alternating sequence - the 5 then the 6 then the 5 and so on. This way, you get as many cards out of the way in one shot as you can.

There will be times in Cupid Tripeaks when you won't have any available cards to place on your home card. When that is the case click on the deck to deal a new home card. You can also use your wild card, but it's a good idea to avoid using that option as much as possible. You can only use it once per round and using it means you will not get your home card bonus of 5,000 points at the completion of the round. Those bonuses are a great way to build points and get a high score. Once you have played a few rounds, you'll begin to work out a strategy for yourself and won't take as long to figure out the smartest moves. Time and practice is definitely the best way to do as good as possible in this game.

Overall, Cupid Tripeaks is one of the most engrossing, addictive and fun card games online. You'll have a blast trying to beat the levels. The graphics are fun and the game is entertaining. The only problem with this game is that it's far too short. Players that are used to tri peaks solitaire games will fly through the game rather quickly, but it's still plenty of fun.