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Crystal Golf Solitaire Instructions

Use the mouse and left mouse button to navigate through the game.

Crystal Golf Solitaire Walkthrough

Crystal Golf Solitaire is an excellent solitaire game that challenges you to think a little differently. While most online card games have basically the same rules, things work a little differently with this one. The rules take a little getting used to, but thanks to the addition of wild cards and other helpful options the game isn't too frustrating to be fun and isn't impossible to beat. This is a truly unique game that is a lot of run once you get used to how the game is played.

The object of Crystal Golf Solitaire is to remove all of the cards in the seven columns before you run out of cards in the deck. The deck is shown at the bottom of the game screen and the seven columns are shown at the center. At the top of the screen, you'll see the main menu option, the option to give up, the option to get a hint and the option to undo a move. Beside your game options, you'll see your bonus. You get a bonus if you complete the level before time runs out. Try to aim for that. Getting the bonus, especially if you can get it in each level, is a great way to get a high score. Beside bonus, you have your score. Keep an eye on that as well. It will allow you to track your progress as you play.

The rules of Crystal Golf Solitaire are slightly different than most other solitaire games online. You are given a home card. You will remove cards from the seven columns by clicking on cards that are either higher in value than the home card by no more than one or lower in value than the home card by no more than one. You also cannot remove cards that as the same value as the home card. For example, if your home card is a six, you will be able to remove a five or a seven regardless of suit. If you remove a seven, that seven will become your new home card. You will then be able to remove a six or an eight. If you remove an eight that eight is your home card and the game continues on like that until you clear all of the cards in the columns or run out of cards in the deck. Run out of cards in the deck and you lose the game. Clear all of the cards and you move on to the next level. The rules aren't all that difficult once you get used to the game.

The addition of Wild Cards to Crystal Golf Solitaire makes the game a lot easier. Jokers are wild and can be used in place of any card of any suit in the game. Use them carefully though as you only get so many jokers throughout the game. If you want to progress in this challenging card game, the best idea is to make any possible moves without using the jokers and save the jokers for the end of the game when you will need them.

Crystal Golf Solitaire also gives you three levels of difficulty to choose from. In 'Casual', aces can be high or low so you can use them after a King or before a two. In 'Regular', aces are low and can only be used before a two. In 'Expert', the game gets much more difficult. All of the cards in the column are hidden aside from the top card, so you never know what you're going to get. Aces are also low only in 'Expect', but it is definitely a great option if you are looking for more of a challenge.