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Play cards by clicking the card and then the tiles with the left mouse button.

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Convert This has an easy, simple premise, but this intense, addictive strategy card game is anything but simple. Your tiles are the blue tiles. Your enemy's tiles are the red tiles. Tiles that have been destroyed are gray. Your goal is to turn all the red tiles blue and therefore win the game. Along the way, you want to collect as many points as you can. Until you get the hang of how the game is played, you should probably stick to changing your enemy's tiles. As you improve and get the basic idea of the game, you can start to collect points. Oh, there's also the lovely 'Countdown of Doom' in the top right of your game screen. Make sure you end your turn before that countdown runs out. You don't want doom. In general, nothing good has ever come from a countdown involving doom.

In Convert This, you are given cards to make your moves. Understanding what those cards are and what they do is important to getting through the game. The Happy Face cards will convert all of your opponent's tiles surrounding your original tile and your converted tiles. Each conversion gives you one point. The Comet cards convert all of the tiles in one column (columns are up and down). Each tile converted with a Comet card is worth one point. The Tornado cards mix all of the tiles on the board and also mix the digits of the score for that round. This one doesn't offer any points, but it can come in handy if you get stuck. The Fireball cards are one of the best cards you can get. It destroys all of the tiles within a 3x3 radius of the blast. You get one point for every tile destroyed and ten points for every player tile destroyed. Use this one carefully though. The Laser cards convert all of the tiles in one row (rows are across, from left to right or right to left). Every tile you convert with a Laser card is worth one point.

Overall, Convert this is an excellent strategy card game that is without a doubt one of the best turn-based card games online. If you're looking for a good, engrossing game that will keep your attention and keep you playing, definitely give this game a shot. It might take you a little while to get used to what the cards are and what they do, but as you play, you'll get better and have a blast in the process.