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Classic Poker Instructions

Classic Poker is controlled by using the mouse. Select cards by clicking them. Click on the proper buttons to advance the game.

Classic Poker Walkthrough

Classic Poker is a Flash game based on the five-card draw variant of poker. This card game features simple controls, an easy-to-use interface, and sound effects that add to the atmosphere of the game.

Classic Poker follows the rules of five-card draw and is played against three computer-controlled players. Each hand begins with all players making the ante bet of ten chips. After the ante, players will take turns discarding up to four of their cards to make a better hand. After this phase of the card game, players will make their bets, either raising their bet, checking (also referred to as calling by some) to match a raised bet of another player, or folding (giving up the hand so as not to waste money). After the betting phase is over, players that are still in the game will display their cards and the player with the best hand wins.

Classic Poker is played with four suits of thirteen cards each. There are no jokers in this card game, and no cards are wild. Aces have the highest value, followed by kings, queens, jacks, and the numbers down to two. For a list of the possible hands and their ranks, consult the in-game help.

Classic Poker is controlled entirely by the mouse. When it is your turn to discard cards, click on the cards that you want to get rid of, then click on the button labeled "Change" beneath your hand. Click on other buttons to advance the flow of gameplay and place your bets. The AI in this card game does react to bluffs, so it is possible to fool the computer by placing absurdly large bets, but don't rely on this too often or you'll lose it all in one hand!

Aside from the fact that you cannot win real money in this card game, the only major problem that players will have is the graphics. The interface is well-designed and uncluttered, but the small size of the cards makes them difficult to read. This can lead to mistakes when changing cards.

Classic Poker is straightforward poker game with few bells and whistles. This card game is great for those that missed poker night with their buddies and need their fix, but players expecting flashy graphics or anything out of the ordinary for a poker game will be disappointed.