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Celtic Mahjong Solitaire Instructions

Select tiles and match tiles using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Celtic Mahjong Solitaire Walkthrough

Celtic Mahjong Solitaire is one of the best mahjong card games online. With more than ten levels with unique board designs, you are sure to find the game continuously challenging from start to finish. The tiles are all decorated with Celtic symbols and images that are both interesting to look and and provide you with a good challenge. Since many mahjong solitaire games feature the same basic tile scheme, something different is a welcome change. Also, because the layout changes, the game never becomes boring or bland and always presents a fresh, interesting challenge.

If you aren't familiar with mahjong card games, you may find it a bit difficult to get used to Celtic Mahjong Solitaire. If you are a fan of card games, though, you will definitely thank yourself for taking the time to get familiar with this one. Basically all mahjong games follow the same rules and offer the same basic objective - match tiles of the same design in pairs to remove both tiles from the screen and continue making pairs until all the tiles have been cleared. It sounds fairly easy, but it can actually be quite difficult.

Celtic Mahjong Solitaire challenges you to carefully plan your moves so that you can eliminate as many tiles as you can without preventing yourself from making additional moves. It is a game that requires you to think ahead; to plot your moves in advance so you can get as far as possible in the game. If you run out of moves your game is over. This mahjong card game is different from many of the other mahjong card games online. Instead of allowing you only a set amount of time to complete the puzzle, you can take as long as you want, although the faster you complete the puzzle, the higher of a score you get for that level. In addition, there is no option to undo your last move, so you need to be sure the move you make is the best possible move. You are also given unlimited hints, but it's important to remember, the hint you are given may not always give you the best move and every time you use a hint, you will lose points from your overall score.

Regardless of what you are looking for, Celtic Mahjong Solitaire offers something for you. Whether you're looking for a good solitaire game, a good mahjong game, a good card game or all of the above, you will find that here. The levels get more challenging with each new puzzle and you'll find yourself playing again and again to try to reach the next level.