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Castle Wars 2 Instructions

Play cards by clicking the card in your hand with the left mouse button.

Castle Wars 2 Walkthrough

Castle Wars 2 is a great strategy card game that sees you trying to build a castle that stands 100 units high. The problem is that your enemy is also trying to build a castle 100 units high. You have to finish your castle before they do - either that, or you need to destroy the castle. If you finish first or destroy their castle, you win. If their castle reaches 100 units first, you lose. It sounds easy, but this card game involves a lot of planning, careful strategy and finding the right balance between the resources you have the actions you make if you hope to achieve your goal. For some, Castle Wars 2 might be a bit difficult to get the hang of as the controls can be a little complex, but once you play a few times, you'll get much better.

To really do well in Castle Wars 2 you need to understand what all of the icons on your game screen mean. At the top of the game screen, you can see the resources you have to use. You can hard your current building process but looking at the 'castle' and 'wall' icons over your castle. Your enemy's information is also shown so you can see how your castle stacks up against theirs. Since the goal is to reach 100 units first, keep an eye on how many units your castle is. The number is shown directly under the castle icon. You will also need to keep an eye on your resources. Don't deplete them too quickly (this is where the planning comes in) or you will greatly limit the moves you can make. In addition, in the center of the top of the page, you will see two 'special states' icons. Some cards have actions that will last more than one round. When you use one of these cards, you will see the 'special states' icons are activated.

In Castle Wars 2, your hand is shown in the bottom panel of your game screen. There are eight slots for cards. There are times when a card will not be available for use, usually if you don't have the resources to use it. When that is the case, the unusable card will be shown in a darker color. On the cards themselves, you will see several numbers and words. At the bottom of the card, the action the card can perform is shown. For example, you might see something like 'Attack 2' on an 'Archer' card which means that card will deliver two attack points. At the top, you'll see information about the resources you will need to use the card. On the left, you will see an image of what resource you need to use and on the right, you will see how much of that resource you need to use.

You are given three options on the right side of the bottom panel under the 'Action' heading; use, discard and card info. 'Use' allows you to use the card. You will only be able to use the card when this option is highlighted and you have enough resources. 'Discard' allows you to throw away up to three cards if you can use them or simply want to try for better cards. 'Card Info' provides you with details about the card. Generally speaking, the picture on the card should offer you enough information as the picture on the card shows the action the card performs. In the beginning, though, you want want to take the time to check the 'card info' so you can get more familiar with the cards.

When you begin your game in Castle Wars 2, you are given several options. Under 'general' options you can choose who will start the game (player 1 or player 2), the background you will play on and the music that will play. You can choose additional options by clicking on the 'Player 1' and 'Player 2' tabs. You can choose the style of your castle, the deck you will use and the resources you will use. Until you are able to upgrade, you will just begin with the default deck and resources. If you are playing with a friend, you can click on the 'Player 2' tab and change the player type to human. Your friend can then select their game options. Once you choose the options you can just click start and begin playing.

Because Castle Wars 2 isn't your typical online strategy card game, it does take a little while to get used to. Play a few practice rounds before you take on the computer so you can get used to planning your moves. This is an excellent strategy card game that will hold you interest from beginning to end that offers a good challenge for anyone looking for something a little different.