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Castle Solitaire Instructions

Castle Solitaire is controlled by using the mouse. Click on cards to select them, then click on the foundation stack or temporary slot to place them. You may also double-click cards to place them on the foundation stack.

Castle Solitaire Walkthrough

Castle Solitaire is a simple solitaire game that serves as an alternative to the common Klondike solitaire games found on electronic devices. This card game features simple controls, soothing background music, and clear graphics.

The goal of Castle Solitaire is to place all of the cards on the screen on the foundation stack (the stack of cards highlighted by a yellow border). Cards may be placed on the foundation stack if they are one higher or one lower in value (for example, either a jack or a nine may be placed on top of a ten). Aces are both low and high in this card game, so they can come after a two or a king and a two or king may also be placed on them. When all cards have been cleared, you will advance to the next round.

In situations where there are no valid moves, cards can be placed in temporary slots. This frees the cards that were originally underneath them for placement on the foundation stack (assuming that the cards underneath are one higher or one lower in value compared to the card on top of the foundation stack). Temporary slots can only hold one card, and if all temporary slots are occupied and there are no valid moves, the card game will be lost.

Castle Solitaire is more than just a card game; it is also a difference game! After the cards are cleared from the screen in each round, players will have to spot the differences between the two images in the background. This segment requires a keen eye for detail. If you have trouble with this portion of the game, you can click the hint button for some help. Hints come with a thirty-second penalty, but it is better than wildly clicking in the hopes of finding a difference, since wrong clicks also cost five seconds.

Castle Solitaire is ideal for casual gamers that prefer laid-back gameplay to frantic action. The difference spotting segments of the game are out of place and may be distracting for those that only came for a card game, but they add diversity to the gameplay.