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Cardian Instructions

The controls of Cardian is pretty easy to understand and master like the back of your hand. Heck! You only need your mouse to play the game! A couple of clicks to draw a card from your deck, a couple of clicks to summon your recruits, a couple of clicks to attack the enemy's units... basically, you will be clicking the whole time in Cardian. That doesn't sound too exciting for some BUT the game play and flow of Cardian tells us otherwise. Let's take a closer look at the game.

Cardian Walkthrough

Let's take a little look about the game's mechanics: First off, you need to choose one from the 3 different deck of cards. With the deck you have chosen, you will battle all the way through the ranks of ascended card masters. While the interface may not be easy to understand and looks complicated, in reality, the game play is very simple... so simple that even a 9 year old can pull it off. There are 2 portals - yours is on the left and the opposing portal, the one on the right, belongs to your opponent. What you will do is use those cards to summon recruits - mighty warriors who will take hits for and hit back in return, to defend from opposing units. Eventually, you want your warriors to overwhelm and destroy the opponent's units including their portal before yours gets demolished. What you need to do is click on a card located at the bottom to play it if you have sufficient gold and resources. On the other hand, clicking on the troop icon, which is found in the upper left corner, allows you to deploy as many troops as you can. By destroying your opponent's portal, you will gain MORE dough - more gold, which you can then spend to upgrade your deck... allowing you to purchase better and MORE powerful cards.

While strategy and good decision making plays a HUGE role in this card game, luck too is just as important. Just like in most trading card games, other card games like poker and solitaire, etc., you need that extra ounce of luck to win. You see, you can only buy cards through booster packs. And, as any trading card game expert knows (especially those who have played certain fantasy themed card games), you cannot rely on a booster pack to give your deck the punch and firepower it needs. Now, on the other hand, if you create a deck that is too BIG, then you are running the risk of always drawing cards BUT NOT getting the one that you actually need for battle. Yes, you got to keep your card small enough to increase your chances of drawing that Ace. It relies on chances... it relies on luck. BUT that's exactly the reason why we love card games!

The only minor quibble that I have with the game is that the monsters give you only token resistance. They hurl a few units here and there BUT not really intimidating... not the sort that would alarm you. So even if you are NOT good at card games like Cardian, you can turtle it out. You can defend all day long and you are almost guaranteed that your resources will be enough to grab more cards and troops that will steamroll them and bring you victory. HOWEVER, even with this shortcoming, I believe Cardian is still an entertaining and enjoyable online card game. Once you get a hang of how things go, building a powerful enough deck should be very easy. Soon, you will have a deck teeming with hideous nightmarish monsters or knights in white armor...ready to defend the good.

The graphics are quite good, game play is easy to understand - I think even with the balance issues, Cardian is still easy to recommend! Give it a shot now and see what I am talking about.