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Bird Pax Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and play cards.

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Bird Pax is a delightful and addictive online card game in which you get to play with wonderfully illustrated bird cards as you try to pass level after level; beating your opponent by having a bigger wingspan than they have. It isn't an easy game and it will take a little getting used to, but it's well worth the effort. This is, without question, one of the best card games online.

The rules of Bird Pax are pretty basic although they might seem a bit complex at first glance. Once you play the game for a while and get used to how it's played, you'll develop strategies and improve significantly. The rules are quite different than the rules of many other online card games, but the first thing you need to know is what all of the information on the cards means. First, you have the picture of the bird, the name of the bird and the bird family color at the bottom of the card. At the top right of the card you have the information button. You can hover over the information button to see information about the card. On the top left of your card you'll see a number indicating the bird's wingspan. The bigger the wingspan, the stronger the card. For example, on the grey crowned crane card, you'll see the picture and name of the bird. The bottom of the card will be brown to indicate it is a member of the crane family and the 190 means it has a wingspan of 190 centimeters.

With an understanding of what the information on the cards means, you can start learning about the rules of Bird Pax. Basically, you need to try to get a bigger wingspan that your opponent to win the level. To do this, you need to collect as many of their cards as you can and store them in your deck. You can get your opponent's cards by laying a card that has a higher wingspan than the card they've laid. For example, if the bird on the card you opponent has laid has a wingspan of 190 like the grey crowned crane, you will need a bird with a wingspan of at least 190 to either beat or tie them. If you have laid a card and your opponent beats that card, all hope is not necessarily lost. If you have another card in your hand that is from the same bird family (has the same color on the bottom) as the card you've just laid, you can play that card. The wingspan of the new card you've laid will be added on to the wingspan of the first card you've laid. If your opponent doesn't have another move and your wingspan is larger than theirs, you win the hand and all the cards they have played.

There are several indicators you'll see over your hand as you play. These indicators are a great benefit to you as you try to complete your level. The bringalong indicator is probably the biggest help. It indicated which cards are members of the same bird family so you can play the cards on top of each other when you have to. This indicator will appear between two or more cards and will simply say 'Bringalong'. You'll also see a 'Pax' indicator that shows you if any of your cards will make Pax between you and your opponent. Pax is a bit tricky to understand, especially if you've never played pax games before. Basically, Pax takes you into a slightly different mode of play. Three cards are drawn off your holding decks (both your holding deck and your opponent's holding deck) and either you or your opponent will be asked to lay a fourth card from your hand. If you opponent initiated Pax they will have to lay the first card or vice versa. The next person to play will have to try to beat the card that has been laid. If your opponent laid the fourth card, you have to choose a card from your hand that will beat the card they played. If you have bringalong cards, this is a great time to use them. Whoever wins Pax gets all of the cards that have been played in that turn. You'll also see crowns over your card. The crowns indicate the card below them will beat the card currently played by your opponent.

The great thing about Bird Pax is it's fun without being overly intense or stressful. Many other card games pit you against aggressive opponents or a clock that doesn't seem to offer nearly enough time to allow you to complete your challenge. This is a fun game that is challenging but also relaxing. The backgrounds are pleasant and the cards are appealing to look at. Instead of feeling like you have to plan your moves in a hurry and rush yourself which results in mistakes, you can take your time to plan your approach. This will definitely help you make it further in the game. Take a little time to get the feel of the game, and you'll find this is one of the best Pax games online.