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Armor Wars Instructions

Use the mouse and left mouse button to select cards, play cards and select enemy targets.

Armor Wars Walkthrough

In Armor Wars, an excellent online battle card game, you are charged with casting spells and creatures to destroy your opponent's castle. To cast these creatures and spells you need to play your cards and pay careful attention to what each card you play does. You cann have no more than seven cards at a time in your hand. Your hand is shown at the bottom of your game screen. Some of your cards will be spells and some will be creatures, so make sure you know what your card does before you play it. You also need to keep an eye on your resources as well as your enemy's resources. Find a balance between delivering what you need to deliver to take out your enemy without wasting resources and leaving yourself vulnerable to attack. It sounds complicated and at first it is, but the more you play the more you'll understand.

To understand how to best play Armor Wars, you need to understand the information on your game screen. This isn't a game you can just jump in to, unless you have experience with online battle card games. You have your hand at the bottom of the screen and the basic information about your game at the top left. You are shown which Hero you are using. Each Hero you can choose from has special powers you can take advantage of. You are also shown your deck or cards and how many cards you have in your hand. Below your Hero and Deck information you will find the information about your resources. Each card you play will use certain resources. The four different types of resources - Soldiers, Jewels, Iron and Magic - are used for different spells or creatures. Make sure you watch your resources so you can be sure you are able to defend yourself. In level one, you will get give more of each resource at the conclusion of each turn. You can also increase resource levels which will offer you and extra five per level.

Each turn in Armor Wars will require you to play cards and attack your enemies with your creatures. If you reach zero life or run out of cards you will lose. The goal is to make your enemy reach zero life or to make them run out of cards. If you achieve either of those goals, you win. You are able to have three creatures at any given time in the game. When you are looking at the card representing your creatures, you will see what kind of creature you have at the top of the card, how much damage they can inflict in an attack at the bottom left of the card and how many lives they have remaining at the bottom right of the card. Use this information to decide which creature you should use to attack with. You can use your creature to attack any other creature. If you inflict more damage on the opposing creature than the opposing creature has lift, the excess damage from your attack will go through to your enemy's castle. If you lose a creature in battle, the dead creature will go to the graveyard (shown at the top left of your screen beside your deck information). All is not lost if your creature dies, however, as there are cards in your deck that can bring them back to life. In addition to all of this, some of your creatures will need 'upkeep'. This basically means that you may have to pay a certain amount each turn to keep them alive.

Armor Wars also offer the 'Deck Builder'. You start the game with three decks that are the basic, default decks. Play a few games with these decks and then visit the deck builder to improve your deck. Once you have played for a while you can use the points you win during your game to unlock new cards and Heroes from the shop as well.

Overall, Armor Wars is an excellent online battle card game and also one of the best card games online. It is engrossing, addictive and a lot of fun to play. If you've played other games similar to this one you should have no trouble picking it up. If you are a newcomer to battle card games, however, you may need a little time to get used to the way the game is played. It's worth playing though and in time, you'll definitely improve.