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Aquno Instructions

Select cards using the mouse. Play card by clicking it with left mouse button.

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Aquno is an excellent online card game that is based on that classic card game, Uno. The rules of this game are the same as the rules for playing Uno. Basically, you and your opponent, in this case, the computer, take turns trying to get rid of all of the cards in your hand before your opponent can get rid of all of theirs. Unlike many other card games online, however, playing against the computer does not automatically mean you're going to lose. This is what gives the game it's biggest advantage. You can win and you have a lot of fun trying.

Aquno is played the same way Uno is played so if you're familiar with that classic card game, you should have no trouble picking up how this game is played. The game screen shows you your hand, your opponent's hand (yours is on the bottom and your opponent's is on the top), and the deck in the center of the screen. When the game begins, the top card from the deck is dealt. The player who goes first will then have to lay a card on top of the top card that is either the same color, same number or same symbol as that top card. For example, if the top card is a green six, the first player will have to lay another green card of any number or symbol or lay a six of any other color. If that player lays a red six on the green six, the next player will have to either lay an additional six or a red card.

The great thing about Aquno is that is so closely follows the original Uno game. It is different from many other online card games in that you are playing against an opponent yet there is still some strategy involved. Your best bet is to focus on making it harder for your opponent to get rid of their cards rather than simply focusing on getting rid of your own cards. 'Reverse', 'Skip a Turn', 'Pick Up' and 'Wild' cards can be used to make that goal much easier to accomplish. 'Reverse' cards change the direction of the game, basically giving you a second turn. 'Skip a Turn' cards do the came thing. 'Pick Up' cards will make your opponent pick up two cards from the deck. There are two different wild cards. The first simply allows you to change the color of the suit in play. Use this card to limit you opponent's options. Pay attention to what suit is in play when he draws from the deck. This means he likely doesn't have cards of that suit in his hand. Even if you only have a few cards of that suit, you will be forcing him to draw and more than likely, add cards to his hand. The second wild card allows you to not only change the suit but will also force your opponent to draw four cards. Save this wild card as long as you can and use it when you notice your opponent is low on cards.

Overall, Aquno is a fun card game that allows you to enjoy Uno in a whole new way. The graphics are fun and entertaining and since it is possible to win, you want to keep playing. This is definitely a game worth checking out.