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Algerian Patience Solitaire Instructions

As with most solitaire games (together with its different variations) and other card games out there, you only need your mouse when playing Algerian Patience Solitaire. Just click on the card, hold on to it, drag, and drop it where it fits. That's about it. HOWEVER, that's just the first part of playing the game. Playing it right and winning it, though, is way harder than you imagined!

Algerian Patience Solitaire Walkthrough

Algerian Patience Solitaire - having played the game many times (and unsuccessfully if I may add, still yet to win a round), I must say that the name of this card game is very apt. That's especially true about the 'Patience' part. If you want to have any shot of winning a game of Algerian Patience Solitaire, you better be ready to drag it out for hours... be patient and try to explore almost every possibility and foresee what most likely will happen.

As for being Algerian, I'm not too sure if that would help here.

Anyway, going back to the game, the overall objective is pretty straightforward and easy to understand: there are card slots or foundations (as they are called in the game) at the topmost part of the game's screen. The Ace card slots and foundations must be built in ascending order. You should start with the Ace, followed by a 2, then a 3, and the list goes on until you reach the final King card. Do that and you're finished with that foundation card. The King foundation cards, on the other hand, MUST be built in a descending order... opposite of the Ace foundation cards. You will start with a King, then a Queen, Jack, and all the way until you place the Ace card.

Now, there are 8 columns just right below the foundation cards and slots. This is where most of the arrangements and action will take place. Random cards will be placed on it. The top and uncovered cards for every column - this is where you will place a card on and it will come from your pile or your hand. To place a card from your pile, it should be one higher or lower than the uncovered card in any of the 8 columns. Oh! By the way, only one card at a time can be moved

Sounds easy? It sure does until you realize one thing: you can only place a card on top of another if they are of the same suit. I'm sure you have played variants of solitaire where the suit doesn't matter. Well, it's a different world here. While it doesn't sound like a huge change, believe me... IT IS! This ramps up the game's difficulty insanely. And to make things even more challenging, there are no re-deals in this game. No re-shuffling of the cards... none whatsoever! Although, some of you may argue that you can undo your previous action.

Now the 'Patience' part should make sense to you. You should now see how important it is to explore every possibility and idea before you even touch a card. Once you make a slight slip, it's hard to recover from it. Heck! I even saw a question at Yahoo! Answers asking if someone has beaten the game.

The answer: well, nobody even dared to answer his question!

Enough said.

There are no graphic eye-candies, no themes, no funky soundtracks - Algerian Patience Solitaire is one of those solitaire and card games at its purest form! All you get is a deck of cards that are already dealt and arranged, a set of rules to follow, and it's all up to you to go as far as you can and score as much as you can.

If you think Tri-peaks, regular solitaire, and other card games that have Wild Cards, Re-dos, re-shuffle or re-deal options are for sissies, give Algerian Patience Solitaire a shot. Let's see how manly, tough, and witty you are.